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Why you should work in a coastal city
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

How working abroad by the beach can improve your productivity and well-being

There’s plenty of reasons why you might want to work in a city with a beach. Hot spots like Lisbon or Barcelona are full of job opportunities plus you’ll never get bored in these cities. 

Whether you’re an entry-level candidate, multilingual, in IT, or don’t even speak the language of that country, you can still find a job and live the mediterranean lifestyle. 

Why work in a city with the beach? Well would you rather work in a dull city where it’s gray or rains most of the time? 

If you’re still not convinced, here are 10 reasons why you working in a coastside city might be the right choice for you:

1. No need to spend money on a vacation

Living in cities with beaches like Barcelona, Lisbon, or Athens means living in a vacation destination. These are the places people pay to visit. You would already be living there.

Now you may not want to go to the beaches right by the cities, but there are plenty of beautiful beaches closeby. In Barcelona, instead of the Barceloneta beach, you can go to Ocata beach or Castelldefels, which are about 30 minutes away. 

This allows you to save your money for other things like concerts, football games, festivals, great food and drinks.

2. Disconnect after work

After work, you might decide to hang out at the beach. How many people can say that? It’s a great way to relax after work and connect with nature. 

The sounds of the waves are calming and you can never go wrong with a few cocktails at a chiringuito.

3. Improves your mood

Getting some sun is always a good way to boost your mood. Even the blue colors of the water have been known to make one feel more calm and relieved. Just being close to nature and specifically water can cause your brain to release dopamine and other feel-good hormones. Basically, your brain knows that you’re in the right place.

Living in a beachside city, also means that you’ll be more lively to be surrounded by positive vibes and energy. In these cities, people can escape their day-to-day responsibilities and enjoy themselves at the beach. 

Spending even just 15-20 minutes near the beach can make you happier.

4. Change of pace

Whether you work from home or in an office, staring at a screen and sitting at a desk for hours at a time can be exhausting. Imagine being able to walk to the beach and look out at the ocean.

The sounds, smells, and views of the beach can be relaxing and it means less time stressing your eyes by looking at a screen. 

The smell of the air alone can be soothing as it makes it easier to breathe and thus helps you balance your serotonin levels.

5. Less stress

Laying out on the beach, hearing the sounds of the waves crashing, smelling the salty air can help your brain relax and reduce anxiety. 

You wouldn’t even need to go that far to get to the beach and spending time there can also improve your work-life balance. 

It’s a great way to prevent burnout and take care of your mental health.

6. Free plans

The beach is free. You can use it for exercise, to hang out with friends, to walk your dog, to play volleyball, to take photos, free events and plenty more. 

Don’t know what to do? Well places like Athens, Lisbon, and Barcelona are cities where there’s always something to do. However, you can never go wrong with the beach.

7. Clear your mind

Working in a city with a beach means you can listen to the sounds of the ocean first hand. You don’t need to look up wave crashing sounds on YouTube, you can just go to the beach.

You can meditate, listen to podcasts or music, and just embrace the environment and scenery. It’s really one of the best ways to chill out and just enjoy life.

8. Increase creativity and productivity

As you begin to feel better mentally and physically, you will feel more motivated. This can greatly help you in the workplace if you’re feeling burnout or feeling like your productivity has decreased. 

A beach city with good vibes makes it easier to get your priorities together and be more productive. 

If you’re feeling uninspired, the beach might be the answer for you. You’ll feel happier and more relaxed which is a great combination to open up your creative side.

9. Good for your health

There’s many health benefits that come with living by the beach. For one, you’ll get your daily supplement of Vitamin D through the sunlight. This vitamin helps boost your immune system and can improve your body’s resistance to certain diseases. 

Going to the beach can be a great workout by swimming, walking or on the sand or even doing yoga. Plus, wouldn’t you rather work out with the views of the ocean than any regular gym?

The thick sea air can also clear out your throat and lungs, and allows for clearer breathing. This can keep you awake and give you more energy throughout the day. 

Swimming in the cold water is a great way to wake up both your mind and body. It helps strengthen your muscles, it can activate endorphins, improves your blood circulation and can also boost your immune system.

10. Better sleep

Being at the beach is soothing enough but just being in a city with a beach can help you sleep better. The sea breeze makes it easier to breathe which means you can reach a deeper level of relaxation. 

Spending a day at the beach can improve your sleep even more. It makes you feel calm enough to forget about your stress and sleep well throughout the night. Getting proper sleep also makes you happier in general and has a positive effect on your productivity levels at work. 


If you’re ready to find your next job in a city with a beach, check out all our job offers here. You’ll be able to find opportunities to work in your native language and live unforgettable experiences abroad. 


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