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Why you should work abroad as a Customer Advisor!
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

How being a customer advisor abroad could develop your future career

Why is working abroad the right choice?

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? Working abroad is a perfect challenge to improve your personal skills while developing new ones. Here are the top 7 reasons:

  • To discover new cultures, gastronomy, and traditions
  • To meet people from around the world
  • To discover new places
  • To develop your network
  • To learn languages
  • To learn more about you and your capacity to live away from home
  • To live a life changing experiences

Do you imagine how nice would be working one year as a:

  • Customer Advisor for Google in Lisbon
  • Customer advisor for Facebook in Barcelona
  • Customer advisor for an airline company in Athens

Working as a Customer Advisor

As a customer advisor, you will be the voice of the company. You will be in charge of helping customers with their doubts or questions. You will be that person who brings solutions to customers’ inquiries.

This job is a key position in many fields and each day becomes one of the most important for the work market. Working in this position you may know the sales funnel and prepare for a successful sales career.

Word bored won’t be in your vocabulary because any day will be the same in this job. Customers will contact you for different channels and their inquiries will be different. Solving this kind of issue will provide you with a great background.

You won’t be alone! You will have all the help and support necessary to develop your job the best way possible. Your colleagues will be your friends in the new city. They will also be your support in issues so important like accommodation.

But, do you know what is the best part of work as a customer advisor abroad? To know people. You will share the workplace with people from around the world. People in the same situation as you, starting a new life and looking for new dreams and adventures.

Don’t you have work experience in customer service? No worries. Before you start working, you will receive extensive training. Also, City Job Offers bring you the best option to start your new life.

Why choose one of these cities?

Barcelona, Lisbon and Athens are cities where you can start your international career. Food, architecture, beaches, and weather are some reasons to choose one and move.

Barcelona is one of the 10 cities most visited in Europe and is the largest city on the Mediterranean coast. Barcelona has brilliant architecture, exceptional soccer, warm beaches and a unique lifestyle.

Lisbon is a coastal city with Mediterranean weather and amazing gastronomy. Like a lot of European capitals, Lisbon has an incredible young atmosphere. There are plenty of lovely places to spend time with your colleagues.

Athens is the historical capital of Europe. Its Mediterranean climate and legendary sunshine are part of its appeal. The unique combination of urban innovation and glorious history will enchant you. Athens offers a 3 km pedestrian zone leading to important archaeological sites. You can enjoy the Parthenon and the “Grande Promenade” around the Acropolis too.

Working as a customer service abroad is different from working in Nordic countries. And, of course, we don’t mean that the sun shines more often in Spain, Portugal or Greece. But also the relaxed atmosphere and free activities are quite different.

You will learn a lot about different cultures and you will also get to know many other languages. A bonus: You can work on your language abroad.

Are you ready? Take a lot of all the amazing job opportunities in one of these cities and start your new adventure.

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