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“What I like about Barcelona is the good weather, the sea and society”
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Written by Natalie Barresi

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¡Thank you very much for your testimonial, #cityjobber!

“I am from Georgia, a small country, but very interesting. We have delicious food, very nice places and the people are super friendly”. This is how Ana Archvadze presents her homeland. We met her when she applied to one of our open positions in BarcelonaJobOffers. Our recruiter’s intuition was not wrong: during the selection, we quickly discovered that Ana was the one for the role. Finally, she got the job at Immfly, the most innovative on-board connectivity services firm. A month ago Ana began her new job as Finance Intern at the international company.

360 experience

Working abroad expands your horizons in many ways. Leaving the comfort zone also means to open up to other thoughts, customs and cultures. Learn other languages. Meet people from many countries and feel like a citizen of the world. “When I arrived, I didn’t even speak the language. I came to Spain because my partner was living here”, says Ana. “I just knew that Barcelona, ​​with its people, was very beautiful. I have been in the city for 3 years and met many people during this time. Living in Barcelona gave me many experiences and it has also helped me a lot in learning the language.”


An international career plan

“Barcelona gives me many opportunities for professional growth. When I arrived I started working as a hostess in a restaurant to save money and do the master’s degree. In Georgia, I was working as a math teacher and have been in that position for 4 years. After completing the Master in Financial Management and Management, I worked as a Finance Intern in a human resources company. I am very lucky because I always have super friendly and professional leaders ”, reviews Ana the latest movements in the roadmap of her career.

Barcelona is an important stop for the young woman who has just found her dream job.I am comfortable with my new job, it is what I was looking for. Because I’m currently doing a SAP course, and what I’m asked for in this role is SAP implementation. I am happy with everything.”

Barcelona fan

“What I like here is the good weather, the sea and society. I have many favorite places in the city. I love Tibidabo for the nature and the views, it gives me a lot of peace and tranquility. 

I also like Montjuic because of the history and the smell of nature ”, tells Ana and she shows us a photo about her smiling on this mountain. In the other image we see her in La Roca, Village, an open-air shopping center with fashion stores and pedestrian streets, very chic. “I like to walk through La Roca because of the colors and the atmosphere.”

“Another place that I really like is Teià, near the Masnou. I like it because it is calm, I feel nature there and how people take care of the environment . We agree! Catalonia does not end in Barcelona and in the neighboring Maresme region there is much to explore.

We cannot leave her without asking: would you recommend us? Yes, what I liked about Barcelona Job Offers is the attention, the work you did for me, and the responsibility.” Thank you very much for your testimonial, #cityjobber! We are glad we found you. Our core mission is that: offer you the job of your life in the city of your dreams.

If your plan for 2020 was to travel and work abroad, don’t cancel it! Do as Ana and check out our new job offers in Barcelona on our job board.

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