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What do an International Account Manager do?
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

6 key things you should know about International Account Managers

If you are on the hunt for a new job, maybe an international account manager is what you are looking for.

But what is this job exactly?

1. What is an International Account Manager?

An international account manager helps a company’s business grow and looks for new sales opportunities. They act as a link between an organization and its customers. Account managers work closely with clients to make sure their needs are being met and to resolve any problems or demands.

They also create and execute business strategies, find new clients and think of ways to make more accounts more successful.

2. What does an International Account Manager do?

A person in this role is the link between their organization and the customers that they represent. They are responsible for managing and expanding the international market and increasing sales. They promote products and services to clients and work to close deals.

An account manager knows how to make accounts grow and where to invest. They have to listen to and understand a client’s needs in order to help them meet their goals.

They are essentially an advisor to clients, and must build trusting relationships with them. They monitor their clients’ budgets, help them keep up with competitors and trends, explain costs and find new opportunities to drive sales.

Typical tasks in this role include:

    • Manage international orders.
    • Reach or exceed sales and customer retention targets.
    • Develop and maintain strong partnerships with clients or other companies.
    • Make sure clients are happy with the service.
    • Design and implement business plan strategies.
    • Widen client base and expand to new markets.
    • Attend trade shows and conferences to grow a network and promote products.
    • Keeping clients up to date with details of a project.

3. What are the benefits of being an International Account Manager?

This role has many benefits such as being a great chance to improve your skills and build your network. It also gives you the opportunity to travel to meet with customers or visit conferences. This position can often be done remotely as well.

As an international account manager, you would be working closely with industry leaders and top professionals. Having these contacts can help you build your career and climb the corporate ladder. You’ll also have access to events, conferences and meetings that will help you gain more knowledge from the experts themselves.

This role is based on developing and maintaining strong relationships, this means that you will be able to constantly practice your interpersonal skills. You will have to listen well to clients and make sure that communication is smooth.

Working as an international account manager is an exciting opportunity as you will play a direct role in helping businesses grow. If you leave your customers with positive experiences then this can result in better results and more profits. Not only will you help your own organization grow but you will also have an impact on the growth of an industry.

4. Is being an International Account Manager a good career?

What can you expect from this role? You will have to be able to multitask and manage multiple accounts at the same time. This job requires you to possibly travel abroad to meet with existing clients or to network and identify new potential clients.

Being an international account manager requires one to socialize with clients, meaning that the working environment is generally quite casual. At certain events or with certain candidates, it may be more formal.

The career path in this role can lead to becoming a senior account manager in charge of numerous account managers. Eventually, you can later climb up to become a director of a company’s account management department.

5. What skills do you need to be an account manager?

In order to fulfill this role successfully, one must be able to engage well with customers to build trust and confidence. These key skills can come naturally to some but can also be built up and improved with practice.

In terms of education, account managers tend to have a bachelor’s degree in relevant fields such as business, communication, or marketing.

International account manager skills include:

    • Multitasking.
    • Being able to speak multiple languages.
    • Being a good leader.
    • Paying close attention to detail.
    • Communicating well.
    • Displaying emotional intelligence.
    • Listening carefully.
    • Negotiation.
    • Being able to build trusting relationships.
    • Time management.
    • Being adaptable.

6. Job offers

If you see yourself in this role, check out these job offers to work as an international account manager!

Click on the interactive below for more info about the offer!

For German speakers: International Account Manager in Coimbra

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