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Use these tips to respond to “Tell me about yourself” in a job interview
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

“Tell me about yourself”: 9 tips to create a perfect response 


This will most likely be one of the first questions that a potential employer asks you during a job interview. 

There are many ways to answer it. You can talk about the skills you have or how you can do the job better than anyone else. You can also talk about what you will bring to the company or what your goals are in life.

Above all, you need to show that you’re confident and can communicate clearly. This means that you have to prepare your answer well.


Why do recruiters ask this question?


This is the most common question you will get in an interview. It is important to answer this question well because it will determine how the rest of your interview goes.

It is important to provide an answer that is both truthful and compelling. The recruiter wants to know who you are, what your skills are, and how you can help them. They want to see if you’re a good fit for the company or not.

They also want to see if you can communicate well and how you present yourself. That’s why when answering this question, it is crucial that you display confidence, make eye contact and be friendly to make a good impression.

So how should you answer this question:


1. Where you are now


Explain your current situation. Share a little about what your role is and if you can, add in a recent big accomplishment. This will let the recruiter know how similar your current job is to the role that you’re applying for.


2. Your past experience


How did you get to this point in your career? Mention your relevant experience. Emphasis on relevant, always make sure that what you explain can be related to the job you want. 

Remember that the interviewer has already seen your CV so give them information that they don’t know yet.


3. What the future has in store for you


What’s next for you? Why are you applying for the job? Here you can explain how  your values and goals align with the company’s. This shows that you`ve spent time researching the organization, which shows that you’re serious about getting the job. 

This is your “and that’s why I’m here moment” but remember to focus on what they will gain from hiring you. Explain how your skills and experience can help the company reach its goals and grow. You can also mention other things that interest you about the employer or the industry.


4. It’s not about your life story


This question does not mean you should tell the interviewer every detail of your life. They want to know the relevant information that will help them decide whether you can fulfill the job or not. 

Don’t get too personal. There’s no need to bring up irrelevant details.


5. Tailor your answer to the job


Share how what you’ve done will make you the perfect fit for the job. Use examples, if they’re quantifiable even better, that show your positive impact on previous employers.  

Use keywords that fit the company. You might use different terms if it’s a startup, tech company, store, or however it defines itself. Doing this will make you seem like a better fit. They’ll know that you understand the values and ideas that they want to convey. 

Give an answer that shows your relevant skills but also how you can fit in with the company culture. Bringing up examples of enjoying or even planning past company activities or events can be interesting to interviewers.


6. Show your personality


Being authentic will help leave a better impression and can even help recruiters remember you. 

Bring out your personality, it makes the conversation flow better and can give the interviewee an idea of how’d you fit in the work culture and if you’d get along well with their teams.

You can mention some of your hobbies like volunteering, participating in a sports team, learning new languages, painting, and so on. Activities that show that you give back and help society or are working to learn new skills can make you seem like a better candidate. 

Just remember to keep it short and not go into a huge amount of detail. 

Recruiters like to see your passion and what makes you tick. It helps them connect with you. If you can connect your passion to the company or sector, that’s a big plus.


7. Be positive


Avoid talking poorly about your past jobs. Speaking negatively about past experience might make the recruiter think you will have problems at their company. They also don’t want someone who might bring a negative energy to the work environment. Employers want people who are motivated and will bring positivity to the company culture. 

If you were laid off from your last job, you don’t have to mention it here. Wait until they ask a more specific question like why you’re looking for a change before going into that topic.


8. Keep it short


You want the interviewer to get to know you, but don’t bore them. Try to keep your answer under three minutes. Keep an eye out for any signs that your interviewer might be interested in certain details you mentioned that you can explain a bit more. 

Check their body languages to make sure they are still engaged. If they seem bored, it probably means your answer was too long or not relevant. 

Your interviewer will be using this opportunity to see how you might communicate with coworkers in a meeting. So don’t ramble. Be concise, speak clearly, and stay on topic.


9. Practice


It’s important to prepare your answer and how you say it so you can feel confident during the interview. 

You can practice in a mirror, record yourself, or even just record your voice. It’s also always helpful to practice with a friend so they can check your body language and make sure your answers sound authentic. 

You want to be natural during the interview, so there’s no need to memorize your points exactly. You don’t want to sound like a robot. It also makes you seem less credible. Think of a few main points to focus on and add details as you go.


💡“Why should we hire you?” is one of the most common job interview questions. It can be intimidating to answer but you can get one step closer to landing the job with these essential tips. Read more here →


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