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Remote work: benefits and challenges

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Remote work: benefits and challenges

What are the pros and cons of working remotely?

Remote work has grown really fast these days. Now, more than ever, knowing how to work from home effectively is of huge importance. If you want to take your remote skills to the next level, go on reading. 

Looking for job in sunny Lisbon? Open to more options and consider this refreshing way of working in your job search, why not? Working from home in a familiar space, without commuting to get to your office, can be one of the benefits of your next job in Lisbon. Let’s take a quick look at 3 of the reasons why you will love a remote job. But also, be aware of the challenges that you might face while telecommuting. 

Some companies are on this road today, and some of them are willing to go on with this working model even after the sanitary emergency is over. Offering remote work, they do not risk losing their best people and turning away tomorrow’s top talent. Also, firms who offer remote work might get a 25% lower turnover rate, indicating that telework is a valuable retention tool for companies.

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Working remotely allows for better work-life balance. Yes, there are many benefits that come along with telework, but it’s not without challenges. Discover which common mistakes you can avoid and be ready to apply for a remote position. If a role like this suits you, it’s worth taking the time to weigh things up. 

Telework: the goals

Think remote workers sit around watching daytime TV? They do not. We can even say that 77% of teleworkers notice greater productivity when working from home. And there is more: 52% of remote workers said that they are less likely to take time off when they are working away from their main office. This are the results of Remote Collaborative Worker Survey, a relevant study published by a global software and services company headquartered in San Francisco, California. They suggest clear cost-saving and productivity gains for companies that employ remote workers as well as a number of personal and professional benefits for workers themselves.

#CityJobbers here are 3 reasons why you will love a remote job.

– Motivation

Working from home gives you higher autonomy. You are responsible for your own routine and work schedule. At the same time, you will have more spare time for your personal projects. Give life to your ideas! As a remote worker, you will enjoy having your professional activity outside a traditional office atmosphere. 

– Flexibility

Needless to say, one of the biggest pro of telework is flexibility. Working away from a main office means that cou can literally work from anywhere. We have been in lockdown for a few weeks now, but when things are back “to normal” your workplace can be anywhere around Lisbon where you feel comfortable and inspired. Do you imagine yourself working from the beach in sunny Portugal? After COVID-19 lockdown, when telecommuting, you will be able to change the location of your work away from home.

Remote work means that your lifestyle is more well balanced. Are you an early bird? Or you work better in the evening? Chose your work time to be more productive.

– Savings 

Of course, you save commuting time and costs. Telecommuting also reduces the carbon footprint of each worker, so we all save in environmental damage. When working from home you earn wellness and quality of life. Simple as that. Think that you avoid bad weather and public transportation. So you should not care if electric or Internet bills at home increase.

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Remote work: the Challenges

Even if it sounds like a dream come true, remote work is not a bed of roses. You should consider the downsides that can come with this option as well. It’s not all working in your pajamas. 

– Feeling lonely? 

It’s not just the social isolation from Coronavirus lockdown. Working from home can cause isolation. According to some studies published by a leading provider of occupational health and wellbeing services across the UK & Ireland, 21% of British workers said that remote work makes them feel lonely. That’s why, when the sanitary emergency is over,  it’s important to get out from your home office and see people. You could try working from a café or joining a co-working office space, there are some really cool in Lisbon. These variations to your remote working routine can be real changers.

– Don’t miss the team spirit

Yes, a remote role means that you have to be self-sufficient. You have more control over your time, but having a good communication with your team is crucial. Difficulty coordinating meetings and projects? You are still in the same boat, even if sometimes it’s not easy to have a feedback from your boss. It can be hard to monitor performance when the team is not physically in the office. Overworking is not the clue: it can lead to burnout.

Remote workers reported lack of information from management as the biggest obstacle of working from home. Without the body language, understanding can be harder. Do your best to stay connected and enjoy being part of an e-office culture.

– Mind the gap 

If you are teleworking for a large company, the distance between your desk and the other staff members may be hard to bridge. Concentrate on networking. Even if nothing can replace face-to-face interactions, use communication tools to keep in contact. Attending virtual conferences or meetings can be one solution to this issue. Do not forget about your expectations and career progression, create networking opportunities. 

If you want more valuable information about this topic, at the following link you will find a useful guide on remote work made by a global company, with over 4000 individuals working in a fully remote environment, in over 100 countries without an office.

As you can see, this setup comes with both pros and cons. Some candidates will thrive in this type of position. It’s a trend that is growing rapidly and the ability to work remotely is the new must-have.

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