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Refer a friend to City Job Offers and get rewarded
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

As we do in City Job Offers we make candidates feel so good that they bring other colleagues, so you can do it too!

What is a referral program?

It’s a way to find new talent by encouraging anyone to refer contacts in their professional networks for open positions. This program can increase referrers earnings, reduce recruiting costs, improve candidate quality, and increase employee engagement.

Anyone can recommend friends, colleagues or people they met at university. Then he/she receives an incentive when the referred candidate is hired.

According to a LinkedIn study, hiring a person through a job board takes 39 days, while hiring a referred candidate takes only 29 days. 

This makes sense, rather than doing a job posting, receiving and analyzing resumes, all we have to do is interview a referred candidate. 

If this actually sounds good for you, and you have friends to refer to, find below all you need to know to start your referral earnings.

‘Refer a friend’ conditions – CJO Referral Program :

These ‘Refer a Friend’ Referral Program conditions are between City Job Offers, S.L. (‘CJO’) with offices at Calle Jerusalem, 1 – 08902 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain, and the person identified as the ‘Referrer’: 

‘Referrer’: A person who sends or directs a ‘Friend’ to CJO as a candidate for job offers via email.

‘Friend’: The person referred to by the ‘Referrer’.

These conditions govern participant’s participation in the Referral Program (‘Referral Program’) as described herein. 

If ‘Referrer’ accepts these conditions then also warrant that:

(a) Have read and understood the terms of these conditions; and 

(b) Agree to such terms. 

These conditions are effective as of the date ‘Referrer’ electronically sends an email to recruitment@cityjoboffers.com proposing a candidate as a ‘Friend’ (the ‘Effective Date’).


  1. To be a ‘Referrer’ you must be a legal resident in the European Union.
  1. To be a ‘Friend’, the person must have European Union citizenship.
  1. A ‘Referrer’ is validated when the ‘Friend’ confirms that it has been referred from the Referral.
  1. The ‘Friend’ has to identify himself as ‘I was referred’ at the beginning of the process and provides the email address of their ‘Referrer’. The Referrer needs to be previously identified and registered by CJO. 
  1. It is the responsibility of the ‘Friend’ to declare if he/her were referred. All referrals must be confirmed during the order process to be valid.
  1. Once a referral is validated, both the ‘Friend’ and ‘Referrer’ will receive an email notification.
  1. The standard referral reward is 200€ billed to the ‘Referrer’.
  1. Rewards will be paid once the ‘Friend’ is finally hired and remains in the designated company with a formal labor contract for at least 3 consecutive months.
  1. If the ‘Friend’ is not finally hired due to any reason, the ‘Referrer’ will not be eligible for a referral reward.
  1. CJO reserves the right to withdraw or change the referral promotion at any time, with or without notice.
  1. Rewards will only be accrued to the ‘Referrer’ and not anyone else.
  1. You cannot recommend yourself.
  1. Maximum of 12 referrals per calendar year are eligible on this scheme. If you’d like to refer more friends, please email us to see conditions.
  1. Check that your friend is happy to hear about this offer from CJO before you refer them.
  1. We’ll withhold rewards if we reasonably suspect fraudulent activity. All decisions made by CJO are final.
  1. CJO employees or their family are not eligible for the referral scheme.
  1. This offer is not applicable when the ‘Friend’ is, or has at some previous time, been a candidate in CJO.
  1. As a Registered ‘Referrer’, the email address that you register or put through the online referral form will be your unique referral code.
  1. As a Registered ‘Referrer’ you can track validated and issued referrals BY MAIL.
  1. The payment to the ‘Referrer’ will be made in a bank account of member countries of the European Union, bank accounts outside the EU are not accepted.
  1. Confidentiality maintained. ‘Referrer’ must treat a proposed ‘Friend’ and subsequent program handling as confidential.

Remember, the first place to look for possible friends to refer to should be your existing contact network or database. Ask them! They may be able to participate in a candidate search process. Start your referral proposals and earn money! 

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