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Recruiter advice that will help you land your next job
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

Recruiter secrets that will help you get hired

Job interviews can be intimidating. The idea of meeting with a potential employer and speaking in front of them can be quite scary. 

It’s easy for your fears to keep you from applying for jobs or even continuing the interview process.

Fortunately, by avoiding those fears, you will greatly increase your chances of getting hired. Let’s take a look at 6 tips from recruiters themselves on how to ace your next job interview:

1. Practice answering common interview questions

Before you even walk into the interview room, you should have a list of common interview questions. You should practice answering these in front of a mirror and with a friend, colleague or family member. 

You might feel like a bit of a silly or a nervous wreck, but it will help you get over your initial fears. You should also be prepared for non-conventional questions that may be thrown at you. 

Some of the popular interview questions are: 

Tell me about yourself. This is perhaps the most common interview question that you will be asked in every job interview. You should start off by introducing yourself, sharing a little bit of your background, your education, and mentioning a couple of your strengths. From there, you should use that as a segway to talk about the career path that you have taken up till now and what you would like to achieve in the future. 

What are your strengths and weaknesses? This is another question that you will be asked in almost every interview. The best way to answer this is by choosing one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses and talking about the steps that you have taken to improve on your weaknesses. Avoid giving generic answers to these questions.

Why do you want to work for our company? You should come prepared for this question, as it’s a sign of the interviewer’s curiosity about you and your motivations for applying for the job. Talk about your motivations for applying for the job and why you would like to work there.

2. Bring your A-game

When you walk into the interview room, you should be ready to kill the interview. If you’re nervous or anxious, you’re not bringing your A-game, which is why you’re not going to ace the interview. Therefore, you need to calm yourself, breathe deeply and focus on the interview. 

Be charismatic. Recruiters would rather hire someone with less experience and who would bond well with the team than someone who has the skills but has a huge ego and would be a nightmare to work with. So remember to be engaged in the interview and be yourself.

3. Have a clear idea of the job you want to do

This may sound silly, but a lot of people go into the interview without having a clear idea of the job they want to do. That’s not a good idea at all – the interviewer will definitely ask you what you would like to do in the company and how do you plan to achieve your goals. 

Once you know the job title and the department you want to work with, you should find out everything about that position. Read the job description and job duties carefully. Try to come up with questions and areas of improvement that you can bring to the table. That way, you’ll come off as a thoughtful and motivated candidate.

4. Come well-prepared with questions

At the end of the interview, the interviewer is going to ask you if you have any questions for them. Even though an interview is a two-way street, most candidates don’t ask many questions, which is a big mistake. 

You should be prepared to ask questions, because it shows your curiosity, you’re interested in the position and you really want the job. 

Some good questions that you can ask include: 

– Can you tell me more about the team and its members?

– How do you define success?

– How would you describe the work culture of the company?

– Is this a new position?

– What does your onboarding process look like?

– What are the company’s goals for the future?

– Can you tell me about the last company event?

5. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification

You should always be ready to ask for clarification if you’re not sure about something. For example, if the interviewer asks you a question that you’re not sure about, don’t be scared to ask for clarification. 

It’s a sign of confidence and you won’t look silly or nervous.

6. Show you’re a great problem solver

Finally, you should show that you’re a great problem solver. Most companies are looking for candidates who can solve problems and are good at decision-making. 

So, every time you have a chance to speak, try to show that you’re a quick thinker and that you enjoy solving problems. It’s important to do this without coming off as aggressive or pushy, though.


Nerves are normal when you’re interviewing for a job. However, if you understand the reasons that you feel nervous and know how to manage those feelings, you’ll find that interviewing is much less stressful. 

You can prepare for your interview by researching the company, practicing your answers to common interview questions, and being ready to talk about your strengths, weaknesses, and why you want to work for the company. 

Remember to relax, be yourself, and show your potential employer that you’re a great problem solver. By following these tips, you’ll be able to ace your next job interview.


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