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“More and more Germans are choosing Barcelona to work and live”
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

How to work in Barcelona with your German language skills

“The German language has opened many doors for me throughout my working life. As my father is German, German was always at home, since I was born. We lived in Spain but I went to a Swiss school and I was mainly related to the German community in Barcelona. I had never thought that German was going to be the key ”, Miguel Linz begins to tell his story.

This time, his command of German led him to get a job in a week: “Barcelona Job Offers service was incredibly efficient! I sent the CV and the next day I had an answer, and by the end of the week I already had a job proposal from the global company I am working for today. Really, I take my hat off to you because you did a brutal job for me and I am very grateful for that.

Miguel Linz works for the most popular web browser in the world, as customer service support for the Barcelona contact center. “With each working experience, I discovered that I love to contact people and communicate with clients. I am passionate about delivering a good service, from sales or customer service departments”. He specializes in the German market. “I am very excited about my new job. There is a very good atmosphere, between the new teams that are joining the project and with the trainers, who are dynamic and energetic.”

In times of lockdowns, quarantine and mobility restrictions, working in an international company together with people from around the globe is a way of staying in contact with other #cityjobbers and citizens of the world. “My new office is a lot of fun. In my team, we are seven people, each from a different place with different histories, of course.The truth is that working in this multicultural environment gives me the feeling of traveling, like when you are abroad and you share a moment with people from other places and there is so much to build. It makes me feel again the dynamics of tourism, which now is more difficult to experience”, Miguel expresses. 

Life is a language school

Along Miguel’s personal experiences, languages ​​are very present and meaningful. Traveling, learning other cultures and opening up to job opportunities abroad are part of his CV. “I went on a trip to South America in search of my other roots, to encourage my Spanish, which I was not using in Barcelona, ​​because I had always done everything in German at work. I wanted to go out and develop my other language. And it was very crazy, because despite being on the other side of the world, what kept opening doors for me was German, especially in hospitality. In Chile, I was the manager of a hotel, where guests highly valued that someone spoke to them in their native language being so far from Germany ”, Miguel relives.

“A few months ago, I was  visiting Portugal, with the idea of ​​acquiring another language to get closer to clients from other markets in their native language.Trying to figure out the career path to the job of my dreams, I realized that languages ​​make it easier for me to find the perfect job”.

Miguel had to come back to Spain due to the Coronavirus pandemic. On his return to live and work in Barcelona, ​​he mixes two of his passions: “Combining customer service with nature is what I like the most. I do not consider myself an expert in biking and trekking but I have traveled more than 20,000 kilometers, with volcanoes climbs included in South America, which is a great destination for this type of trip due to its variety of landscapes. Barcelona has a lot to offer, it has very cool trails to walk and to do by bike, both on the road and in the mountains, towards the Pyrenees there are also many circuits. These outdoor activities are on trend now, building up a very enjoyable multinational environment. Even France is right here on the side,very near Barcelona”, Miguel remarques. So now you know, if you speak German like a native and you are looking for work in Barcelona, ​​we have the ideal job proposal. Find your dream job among these job offers in Barcelona for German-speakers!

“I also speak English but I believe that German is the language that always gives me that extra value when I’m looking for a job. I think I can be one step closer to a job position in Barcelona, because not so many people speak German in Spain. However, more and more Germans are coming to Barcelona to work and live for a few seasons. By the way, I remember that in my previous customer service job for the German market, almost all of my colleagues were Germans who came to Barcelona to spend a work and travel year abroad, with a German Job in customer care. From there, they can create their own experiences in this Mediterranean city, that has so much to share.

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