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Learn Portuguese and Work in Lisbon
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

Gain language skills with a Relocation Job!

Have you thought about spending a season abroad to study Portuguese but are not sure what to actually do because of Coronavius? Living a virtual year abroad in your hometown bedroom is not a good option. Overseas language trips and the Erasmus programme have been cancelled amid Covid-19 fears, however there is an alternative: you can still travel safely to Portugal with a Relocation Job that includes Portuguese lessons. 

Lisbon jobs for foreign candidates aren’t hard to come by! We have a lot of Job Offers for German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian speakers willing to move to Portugal to live an immersive cultural experience. Read on to find your opportunity!

Learn a Language and Work overseas

A year abroad can be life changing and eye-opening. If you would love to study Portuguese in Lisbon, there’s a suitable option out there for you. Go beyond the classic overseas language course! 

Travelling abroad to study a language costs a lot of money. Or at least, that’s what most people think. You might be wondering how you can study overseas without spending a fortune in travel expenses, accommodation and food. It seems impossible, doesn’t it? But it can be very easy with Lisbon Job Offers. Let your Lisbon employer pay for your flight, a shared flat and lunch meals, a part from a competitive salary and performance Bonus. Gain language skills with a well-paid relocation job! 

Are you a German expat currently living in Lisbon and looking for a job? Work as a Social Media Chat Advisor for a travel website. If you are crazy about travelling and you want to start a career in the hotel industry, we are in search of a native German-speaker to deliver online Customer Support. Empower your technical skills and gain a privileged know-how of the digital travel market with this Job Offer!  

There’s nothing like being immersed in the language you’re trying to learn. It is, hands down, the best way to get comfortable quickly.

Learning a foreign language abroad is more than just discovering a new way to say something; it’s discovering a new way to see the world. Every language is unique and there’s no better place to start understanding another culture than by studying its language.

All-inclusive Placement Service 

If you are a Dutch-speaker willing to move to sunny Lisbon, we’ve got you covered. You can get a Relocation package for #cityjobbers coming from abroad, with the possibility to live in a company apartment, initial flight expenses refund and annually complimentary return flight to your home country within Europe. Are you passionate about sharing platforms? Work for Pinterest! Apply now to this challenging Dutch-speaking Customer Advisor role. 

What about travelling for work to Portugal during Coronavirus? Apply for our jobs with the relocation programme included and you will get a complete placement service, from airport pick-up and administrative help with registration in Portugal to all the important travelling information regarding Covid-19 contingency plan. Upon arriving in Lisbon, new candidates that can’t provide a recent official negative COVID-19 test are given the choice between a quick test or self-quarantine for 2 weeks. Company shared flats have been specifically re-designed and adapted for these healthy reasons. Depending on your future position, you will be working from home temporarily or from a modern office with rigorous cleaning regime and on-site doctor. 

Embrace Portugal with a Relocation Job. Your new life in Lisbon is the perfect chance to learn Portuguese and work in a multicultural team. You will earn possibilities and a sense of a wider world. 

Study + Work Experience 

Working abroad is a great way to enrich your language skills, while going into an exciting new culture. When you work in a foreign country, you are more than a traveler or visitor. You’ll become part of the local community. Learn a new language in Portugal and treat yourself to unforgettable experiences.

If you speak French and you are familiar with digital streaming devices, start a career in the entertainment industry with this Job Offer! Join the latest on-demand streaming service that is calling for French-speaking Chat Advisors to deliver quality Online Customer Service from Lisbon contact center. 

The main benefit as a foreign candidate is that you’ll be in a country where they speak your target language. You will polish your accent at all times, as you hear native speakers around you every day. The words you need to learn will come up naturally again and again, so you will remember them without studying. 

Learning a foreign language abroad is discovering a new way to see and feel the world. All it takes is an adventurous spirit and the willingness to work with people from around the globe. It will cost you nothing to sign up to Lisbon Job Offers. Let’s walk this journey together!

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