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“I found a Job during the Coronavirus crisis with City Job Offers”
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

Tips and opportunities to find a job today

No one could have predicted our current reality as a part of the 2020 employment forecast, and we want to help. How can you find a job during the COVID-19 crisis? Daniel Mora did it. He got a job with our e-recruitment agency at a global company based in Barcelona. With this success story, we want to guide you on how job seekers are finding new job opportunities. Read on this #cityjobber inspiring testimony!

Hot Jobs this way

“Thanks to a really good friend of mine I got to know City Job Offers. He talked to me about the e-recruitment agency in a very positive way. After his recommendation, I entered the website and send my CV. I applied online in just one click”, says Daniel. After that, everything happened very quickly: he was chosen for the Customer Care role during the lockdown and he is currently working for a big firm in his native language.

If you also want to find a Customer Care Job and you speak Dutch, check this job offer: New Careers Opportunities at a fast-growing medical company in Lisbon. Apply now and work for Insulet.

Instead, if you are more into digital and you are looking for a job, join a huge company with this Customer Service position: Are you in Lisbon? Work for a leading Social Media.

Use this time to explore job offers you may have not considered in the past, and perhaps, you will open up a world of new perspectives and opportunities you wouldn’t have necessarily pursued otherwise.

Before applying: Enhance your resumé

CV writing is both an art and a science. It’s imperative that you have a polished, professional-looking resumé to get noticed by head-hunters. When writing your CV, think about hiring bots and recruiters. “I had to update my CV and make it shorter, so it’s easier to read it: less is more,” remembers Daniel.

Take an inventory of your top skills and then search for job opportunities to leverage these in a different capacity. Now you will need to tap into your attributes in an unprecedented way. “It’s always good to have some knowledges that go beyond your profession or studies. For example, on my new job there is no need of Social Media skills, but when I talk with my colleagues about my passion for photography and my Instagram accounts with more than 9K followers, new chances appeared for my career in this company. I believe that you always have to talk about your hobbies and interests, you never know where opportunities come from.

Think short-term and get creative

Do you want to find a job today? During uncertain times, it’s better to focus on short-term solutions that will get you through this challenging moment. “Go to any port in a storm”, suggests Daniel, who started a Customer Service Job in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. In adverse circumstances, welcome any source of relief. This is not forever, it’s about right now.


The pandemic forced candidates to suddenly make changes over night. Job seekers have had to adapt to the new job market, having to look for a new role. No one will penalize you for taking a job outside of your field or career path for a while.  How do you reinvent your career?  How is the job market changing?

There are a lot of unanswered questions, and we would like to give you some replies. A closer look into how candidates are currently adapting their job search will also help you get a head start to understand the new normal of the workplace. “Perseverance is the key. My advice is to keep on with your job search, in or out of your industry, determination is essential”, recommends Daniel. 

Have you ever reached the point where you want to scream: please, someone just find me a job?! Well, we will do that for you. With an international dedicated team, we are experts in finding jobs where your native language is your best asset. Don’t worry about anything, we accompany you throughout the process.

“I found a Job during the Coronavirus crisis with City Job Offers. I’m happy with my new job and very thankful to the e-recruitment agency in Barcelona. They were very nice and effective, they found a perfect job offer for me”

We are building teams of energetic people, of various nationalities. If you think you are a fit for the challenge, send us your CV.

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