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How to stand out from the crowd with a CV-bot
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

Make a perfect interactive CV

With so many CVs submitted for every job vacancy, make sure that yours is memorable! Have you heard about David Vidal? the 29 years old Spanish marketeer that got 300 job interviews in one week with his interactive CV. How did he make it? If you are looking for jobs in Barcelona or jobs in Lisbon, read on to know how to show off your skills with creativity and the latest technology. Stand out from the crowd with a creative CV and start working in Barcelona or working in Lisbon with one click! On this blog post, we give you some inspiration for crafting your own perfect CV. 

Build an impressive CV

One way of doing that is to turn the traditional resumé into an online CV. Interactive CVs shake up the traditional resumé format by displaying your career history and skills in a more fun and digital mode. If you want to go to Lisbon or find jobs in Spain for Germans, don’t waste your time. Update your CV and apply! Read on the new blog post for some inspiration on how to boost your job search. Read on about a new way of presenting your career progression in an engaging design, showcasing at the same time your creativity. Have you already tried to write your online CV? We are talking about CVs on websites. Follow our tips to show off your skills in a unique way.

What’s a CV-bot

Let ‘s look at some cases. David Vidal is a particularly well-known example. He famously turned his resumé into a CV-bot and he got 300 job interviews in one week with his interactive CV.

Using landbot.io, David wrote a conversation that imitates the most common questions in a job interview. His CV-bot is a creative way of answering the most common interview questions in a really simple mode. The CV-bot gives the e-recruiter David’s answers with some clicks. Who is this job seeker that hit the job market? This motivated candidate that was looking for jobs in Spain is based in Valencia. His relationship with marketing and communication began in 2012 and his latest experiences have been in marketing teams leadership. His interactive CV starts with a video resume that introduces himself. After the presentation, the tool gives the possibility to start the interview with three question options, and by choosing one of them, the conversation goes on with the interviewer choosing the questions about the candidate’s training, work experience and skills. That’s how he got 300 remote job interviews. 

How to stand out with a memorable CV

If you are a job seeker looking for new job opportunities in Barcelona, update your CV and apply: We have new job offers for international candidates. Browse our Sales jobs in Barcelona. A creative CV is a great presentation for a Lead Generator. In fact, if you have an eye for business opportunities and you like the challenge of opening new markets, we have a job in Barcelona for you. At our e-recruitment agency we are in search of a Sales Development Representative & Lead Generator for QuiverTree Media. If you love traveling and you are willing to expand your commercial skills, enter the Aviation Media Specialist in Integrated Content, Advertising & OTT services in one step. QuiverTree customers include top airlines in Europe, Africa and Asia serving 100 million customers with a combined fleet of over 500 aircraft. We will expect you to speak English and Spanish. If you are fluent in CRM and you have strong communication skills, we want to hear from you. 

Instead, if you are looking for jobs in Lisbon for Germans, at our e-recruitment agency we have new vacancies for candidates like you at Google Ads. Work for the best search engine in the world in Technical Support. If you have experience in technical troubleshooting, this can be your Lisbon Job Offer. Your future role is to bring remote customer support via voice, email and chat to help Google Ads users. We are also looking for Dutch-speaking Customer Advisors to be part of call center Lisbon.

From the traditional to the CV website

Start by an entertaining video on the homepage that acts like a video cover-letter. Explain your job hunt and your career history. Depending on your field, you can add a portfolio-style page with details of your work. 

Robby Leonardi’s is another famous example. He turned his traditional CV into a computer game scenario, with a Mario Bros. like character who moves through different levels with different kinds of information as you scroll. This is a great idea if you are looking for a backend developer job. 

Actually, we have a new job offer for a motivated developer at the heart of Immfly, the innovative inflight entertainment platform. This can be your opportunity to play your part at a complete wireless entertainment platform using cool technologies like Docker, Python, Django, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, CI/CD, Javascript, Angular, React and Go. They are always eager to try the newest ones, so you’ll have the opportunity to learn lots on the job and develop rapidly together with a team of high performing engineers. Apply and enter the aviation industry today with this job offer!  

Yes, CVs can go viral, like the candidate that spent his last £500 on advertising to draw attention to his CV website. Take your time and do your best to create a creative CV to wow recruiters and potential employers. Researchers suggest that they are effective at getting the attention of HR professionals: online portfolios impress hiring decision makers. 88% of HR professionals are more likely to proceed with a candidate with online portfolios.  

Timelines are excellent to talk about your career progression. If you have international working experiences, you can use Google maps to mark the places where you have worked. If you loved this post, stay tuned for more advice on setting up and promoting your online CV to get your perfect job.

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