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How to get Recruiters to find your profile
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

What is the best way to get noticed by recruiters?

Are you sending out CV’s, reaching out to headhunters but not getting any results? Looking for a job can be tiring. Why not turn the tables and let them look for you?

So how do you make yourself stand out to recruiters?

Show results

Numbers catch the eye of recruiters. Prove to them that you’ve been part of successful projects with real evidence. You don’t need to waste time explaining what you’ve done when you can quantify your results and show how you can help a company meet their goals.  

If you helped a previous company increase their sales, increase followers, reach new markets, or any kind of quantifiable results, show it in your profile. This is a simple way to show your value and what employers can expect of you.

Use keywords 

It’s important to put key terms from your sector or specific keywords used in job offers in your LinkedIn account and also your CV. This way you’ll show up more in Boolean searches, which are specific searches done by recruiters to find candidates that match the position.  

When recruiters look at your CV, they’ll spend a very short time looking at your document. They are looking for those terms that match the profile that they’re looking for in their job description.

Showcase your work

Put your skills on display. Showing samples of what you can bring to the table lets recruiters learn more about you. It adds value to your profile and can help you stand out from the crowd.

Stay active

It’s important to be active online whether on social media networks, LinkedIn or your own website. Doing this shows how interested you are in your field and how much you know about the sector.

If you post, like or share content related to your industry then recruiters will be more likely to find you and see you as a professional.

Use a professional photo

This doesn’t mean your photo has to be boring. Recruiters will take a very quick look at your profile and part of that time will be looking at your photo.  

You want to make sure that the recruiter actually wants to have a closer look at your information. Use a picture that is professional quality but still shows your brand and a bit of who you are.

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