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How much can you make in an entry-level role in Barcelona and Lisbon?
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Written by Natalie Barresi

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The job search can be hard especially for recent graduates as many offers ask for experience, but how can you have experience when you’ve just finished studying? Luckily there are entry-level positions that can give you the opportunity to gain experience abroad and grow within a company.

 Cities like Barcelona and Lisbon, which are full of innovative BPOs and start ups, have become very attractive to expats looking for work as they can find jobs in their own language with little or no experience needed.

 Most entry-level roles in these cities either don’t require any experience or if they do, only 6 months to 2 years of experience is needed. What these companies are really looking for are candidates who are fluent speakers in German, Dutch and Flemish, French, Nordic and other languages to maintain a competitive advantage.


What are the most common entry-level jobs?

The three main categories of entry-level roles that are constantly in demand in Barcelona and Lisbon are:

  • Customer service: jobs that deal with customers, troubleshooting and resolving any inquiries.
  • Sales: sales representatives, business developers, and account executives.
  • Back office: which are supportive and administrative roles but not client-facing.


Barcelona entry-level salaries

A study done by Blu Selection, on entry-level jobs in different languages in Barcelona and Lisbon compares the salaries between different roles and languages. According to their results in Barcelona, salaries for customer service and back office have similar numbers while sales has a higher salary due to the tightness of the current market.

 For the various languages, salaries are different depending on the demand for those language skills. Different regional markets also may offer different bonus benefits.


Requirements for entry-level positions in Barcelona 

The roles of sales and back office generally require education such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. For customer service, having a high level of English is an important factor. A B2 level is acceptable but a C1 level of fluency is what most recruiters look for. 

 Regarding a candidate’s first language such as German, Dutch or French, some positions accept a B2 or C1 level but most of the positions require a native level of proficiency.


Benefits for entry-level jobs in Barcelona

Due to the competitive nature of the market in Barcelona, many companies are willing to offer benefits such as excellent relocation packages and help with paperwork. Not to mention the fact that you would be living in a city with beaches, mountains, shopping, a big football culture, great nightlife and with great weather all year long.

Lisbon entry-level salaries

The capital of Portugal is home to many big BPO’s which has resulted in Lisbon being a hotspot for expats for its many attractions but also its great career opportunities. 

 Salaries between different positions are quite similar to each other except for that sales and customer service are slightly higher.

 Salaries in Lisbon differ between languages. They depend on the market and which language skills are in higher demand, different bonus packages may also be offered depending on the region.


Requirements for entry-level positions in Lisbon

Higher education such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is required but isn’t important enough to lead to a higher salary. Having top communications skills in English is a much bigger priority for BPOs. Candidates with a C1 level of English proficiency have a better chance of getting a higher compensation. 

 For other languages such as German, Dutch and Flemish, French, and Nordic, these roles require it to be a potential hire’s first language or for them to have a high level of fluency in that language. 


Benefits for entry-level jobs in Lisbon

The benefits for entry-level positions in Lisbon can include relocation packages and may add signing bonuses depending on when a candidate might start or their language skills. There is also the possibility of receiving an on-target bonus depending on the project. Also it’s the opportunity to live in a city full of culture and history with some of the best beaches in Europe.

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