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Happy World Tourism Day!
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Written by Natalie Barresi

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Which European cities are best for work abroad?

If you are culturally curious, working and living abroad can be your memorable experience. Move to the sunshine and find a job in your native language with us! We are happy changing lives for good! Go on reading and live an earthshaking experience.

Join the work and travel trend

The way people travel is changing. There are no ways to describe how this global pandemic has impacted the mobility market over the past few months, however there are new ways of travelling emerging. So we are positive over what comes next in the relocation jobs industry.

People are getting used to sanitary measures and good practices like social distancing, wearing facemask and travel safety. Your future workplace is a modern riverside office in Lisbon or a new building near the Mediterranean Sea in Barcelona. But…what about commuting to your new job? Many of our clients are working from home, offering temporary telework job opportunities due to Covid-19 contingency plan. Click here for more Guidance relating to coronavirus and relocation jobs.

Relocation programs are an alternative way of traveling. Like a business trip that truly adds value to a candidate’s professional and personal experiences, while it’s great for developing the local economy. Want to move abroad? Apply now and work in your native language with people from more than 15 nationalities. Explore new places ando local food. Learn a new language.

On World Tourism Day, we want to celebrate the sector’s unique ability to drive development and provide opportunities. Today, we want to promote culture and heritage all around the world with our relocation jobs.

As you know, we carry on providing relocation jobs and #cityjobbers experiences abroad. Don’t miss out on these #cityjobers testimonies and get inspired to journey to your dream job.

Barcelona and Lisbon: Top cities to work and travel

Your Europe Work Abroad Job Search can start with Spain, the most visited country in the world (before the Coronavirus crisis). This work and travel destination is the perfect place to enjoy lunch breaks with multicultural colleagues and refresh yourself after a long day at the sea-view office with a siesta on the beach.

Want to move to the sunshine? Are you thinking about Barcelona? Well, you’re not alone! Many expats choose to move to Barcelona. Why Barcelona? It is the 5th most innovative city in Europe, bringing together researchers, innovators, young professionals, multicultural talents and entrepreneurs from all over the globe. This is the perfect framework for digital groups, disruptive businesses, international investments and career possibilities with big companies. Explore Barcelona’s out of the box spirit and dynamic job offers!

If you speak German and you are passionate about IT, here is your Technical Support Job in Barcelona. We are also in search of French-speaking Technical Solutions Consultants in Barcelona. Popular jobs abroad in Barcelona include working in tourism, fashion, gaming, entertainment and social media industries bringing quality customer service in several European languages.

Lisbon is also on the list. The Portuguese capital is in the top 10 cities in the world for quality of life. More than 250 days of sunshine and average temperature of 24 ºC. Does it sound like you? It’s the third most hospitable city in the world and 25% of its citizens are foreign. Want more? It’s the 2020 European Green Capital. If you are a pet lover, our job of the week is French-speaking Advisor for Online Pet Shop (based in Lisbon). Do you speak French and you care about animals? Great! We are in search of French-speakers to deliver Customer Support. If you enjoy social interactions and you are comfortable with phone and email communications, we need you!

Are you well-organized and looking to start a career in finance moving to Lisbon? Empower your technical skills while gaining a privileged expertise of the digital stock market with this Job Offer! Email advisor with French for a leading online bank.

Live an awesome immersive experience

When you decide to work overseas in Europe, you can find yourself enjoying magical cities like Lisbon and Barcelona. Long distance job searching is easy with us. Apply for jobs abroad from your hometown. Gain valuable know-how working abroad for a global company!

Some of our job Offers also include a relocation package or bonus to help with initial relocation expenses, with shared accommodation and flight reimbursement. Some relocation programs can also propose free language courses and sports activities to boost your contact with the local community.

Ready to Catch international job opportunities in Europe? Live an unique experience with a relocation job. Apply now and start your adventure! Happy World Tourism Day #cityjobber!

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