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Get these legal papers if you want to be hired in Spain
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Written by Natalie Barresi

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These are the key documents you’ll need to work in Spain


IF you’re an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen who’s dreaming of living and working in the sunny, lush country that is Spain, you’ll need to make sure you have the right documents to start. 

Not only are these items important for you to work legally in the country, but they will also make other general administrative processes much easier.

And if you’re living in a country that’s sunny all year long, you don’t want to be worrying about sorting out legal papers when you could be relaxing on the beach.


What documents will you need?




The NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) is an identification number for foreigners. This document is needed for pretty much all administrative processes like receiving a salary or opening up a bank account. 

With this unique number, you can live and work in the country and your NIE number will appear on all your documents.


How to get your NIE?


Perhaps your employer will provide assistance but if not, there are agencies that you can contact to help you obtain your NIE or you can do it yourself. 

To get your NIE you must make an appointment at the Foreigners Office. It can be a bit hard to get an appointment as there is only a limited amount per week so try to search every day early in the morning until you find an appointment.  

Once you have an appointment, you will need to present the following documents

    • The confirmation of your appointment printed out.
    • Your passport or ID (plus a printed copy).
    • This EX-15 NIE solicitation form printed out (plus a printed copy).
    • The 790 form to make the state fee payment which can be done in cash or by card. In 2022, the price is €9.84. Once paid, print out the proof of payment. 
    • Two small photos of yourself (like the ones used for passports).
    • A document that explains why you need the NIE. 
    • Document proving residence.


Your NIE should be issued within two weeks after processing.  


Social security number


Everyone working in Spain must have a social security number (número de seguridad social).  This gives you access to healthcare and allows you to work.

Once you have a number, it will remain the same forever.


How to get your social security number?


This is done through the TGSS (Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social) which is the General Treasury of the Social Security System office in Spain. Some companies may register you but if you are not employed yet then you will have to do it yourself.  

In order to do so, you can do it online or you will have to go to the TGSS office closest to you. Either way, you will need the following documents:

    • ID or passport (plus a printed copy)
    • Work contract or rental contract (plus a printed copy)
    • Your NIE if you already have it
    • You will have to fill out this application form.  


If you apply online, you will have to obtain the digital certificate which is a signature that is used to validate documents but can also be used to identify yourself.


Register yourself


The Certificado de Empadronamiento registers you as a citizen in the city you’re living in. If you want to live in Spain for more than six months then having the Empadronamiento is obligatory.

It is also needed for other procedures such as getting a health insurance card, buying a vehicle, getting married, enrolling your child in school and so on.


How can you get the Empadronamiento? 


It can be done by phone,  in person at the Citizen’s Assistance Office (Oficina d’Atenció Ciutadana) or online. 

You will need the following documents (if done in person, the documents need to be printed out): 

    • Your passport or ID (plus a printed copy).
    • Signed application form (which can be found online on your city’s website).
    • The original copy of your rental contract.


If you’re keen to move to Spain to work or study, you’ll need to apply for these documents. This can be a lengthy process so it’s important to plan ahead. 

Check to see if you can start the solicitation processes online before traveling to save time or at least begin preparing your documents. The last step is to take your career to the next level and enjoy your new city!


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