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Braga: new City Job Offers location
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

Discover the Portuguese Rome

A lot of people are choosing secondary cities to live and work in Portugal. In the north of the country, Braga means quality of life with career opportunities. Our new City Jobs Offers location has the perfect size for a balanced lifestyle, a nice city where you don’t feel the pressure of a big urban center, despite offering all the options and amenities that can be found in large cities. 

Jobs in Portugal

Are you a frenchy living in Portugal and you love good coffee? This can be your job opportunity.  Enter the world of luxury coffee and join a multicultural team in Braga. Play your part in an international call center that places its employees at the heart of its activity. This is a great Customer Service Job with lots of room to engage audiences. If you communicate easily on social media and you like interacting with people, work in your native language as a French-speaking Client Advisor, while you discover the North of the country with this job in Portugal.  

Instead, if you are looking for jobs in Portugal for german speakers, we are in search of a German-speaking Customer Service Expert for Insulet. We can give you 1000 reasons why joining a fast-growing company can be the best thing for your career in Lisbon. Take this opportunity and work for the #1 in medical innovation devices. You will be part of a team of top class customer advisors. Work for the company that specializes in the development of unique solutions, like the first insulin delivery to make life easier for patients with several diseases. Your mission is to support clients in your native language and secure customer service of the highest quality at every opportunity. 

Lisbon is a great place to work and to live: it’s a cosmopolitan and sustainable city, rich in culture, history and diversity with new job offers: German-speaking customer service for BOSE. Join the famous audio equipment brand and start your career in the musical industry in Portugal. We are looking for motivated customer service specialists to be part of their multicultural staff. 

Why Braga is a good option

Braga will make you happy if you like green areas and riverside beaches. Discover the Portuguese Rome, called like that because of its countless churches and colorful streets. Enjoy the North of the sunny country with a Job in Portugal. Not far from Porto, you’ll find beautiful Braga. Relatively small (secondary cities are on trend now like the perfect place to live for millennials), easily walkable, and full of lovely squares. You will only need a couple of days to get a good feel for the city and get the most of it like a local. Don’t miss Monte do Picoto, the best viewpoint, located less than 3 km from the historic centre of Braga. From here, you’ll have a wonderful panoramic picture over the city and the sanctuaries of Bom Jesus do Monte and Sameiro.

Founded by the Romans more than 2000 years ago, it is one of the oldest Portuguese cities. Braga’s Cathedral is the oldest in the country, built in the 12th century. Braga was a

an important city in Europe through the Middle Ages and these days is the third biggest city in Portugal, after Lisbon and Porto. Well-preserved gothic architecture, delicious local gastronomy and affordable cost of living are its main advantages. Filled with traditional cafés, castles, gardens and museums, it’s a pleasure to explore Braga. If you are into history, visit the medieval bridge and the original city walls. 

At our e-recruitment agency, most popular types of language jobs in Portugal for international candidates are in Customer Service, Sales, Social Media, UX Design, Project Management and Human Resources. We work with partners in all industries, such as IT, health, banking, entertainment, aviation, tourism, sports and beauty. Send your CV and get a job in Portugal today. Working in Portugal is a delight to the senses. You will enjoy endless warm days and golden-sand beaches all year round, as Southern Europe average winter temperatures are much higher and the streetside culture doesn’t stop in the winter months. Looking for Language Jobs in Portugal for expats? If working in southwestern Europe is your plan to avoid winter, we’ve got you covered. Get your dream job in Lisbon, Porto or Braga: a new City Job Offers location.

Many companies are in search of language skilled people living in Portugal (or moving soon to the beautiful country lying on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula). So if working in southwestern Europe is your plan to avoid winter, we’ve got you covered. Browse our Job Offers in Portugal and get your dream job in Lisbon, Porto or Braga: a new City Job Offers location, in the north of Portugal. Here is everything you need to know to enjoy this cheerful city and feel its pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, full of life and young students.

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