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A Checklist for Those Excited to Work Abroad
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

Do you look forward to moving abroad?

Are you excited to switch it up and start working abroad? Here’s our best advice for preparing for your relocation. Run through our mini checklist and get ready for a new adventure!

Research your destination

The first thing you want to do is research the location that will be your new home. Learn the history and background of the region and study the culture and learn cultural differences. What language do they speak, what currency do they use, what’s the weather like? Take the time to learn what’s similar and what’s different from your own home. Prepare for culture shock. Things will be different, and that’s the point! Studying up on your new home will help, but also be open and ready to change. Make an effort to open yourself to new things. New cuisine, different weather, new fashion, and the like.  You’ll also want to look up local customs and daily practices. You may not be able to learn everything, but you want to be informed enough to avoid offending those around you unintentionally.

Learn the language! 

If you haven’t already, start as soon as possible. You’ll have an easier time adjusting if you learn the local language in your new home. More resources and activities will be available to you if you can converse with locals in their own language, and you’ll have a better time if you’re not struggling with communication. It may take some time to master, but it’s definitely worth it, so put in the effort. If you already speak the language, polish up your skills. Study regional dialects and learn local slang to blend in with the locals.

Prepare for the weather 

If you’re not moving to a region with a big shift in temperature, great! You can recycle your items, but if you are, be ready for that change. Buy supplies you may need to be comfortable including clothes, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and other products. Prepare what you may need. You can buy more items as needed upon arrival, but you’ll want a few things ready for the earlier stages of your transition.

Make a bucket list!

Adventure awaits you in your new home, so prepare for it! Make a list of the things you want to do when you arrive. Find hot spots, historical locations, and interesting sites to check out at your new destination. Then go out and explore your new home! The locals can help you add new things to your list one you arrive, so don’t be shy. Ask around to find hidden gems that you may have missed in your search.

Save up!

New experiences can be expensive if you aren’t prepared, so you’ll want to have extra funds ready for your big move. Start saving as soon as you can. Even if your new job may help with relocation, be sure to prepare funds for travel, rent, furnishing your new place, and to cover some incidental costs like groceries and shopping while you wait for your first pay cycle. You’ll also want money free to tackle your bucket list and enjoy your free time.  

Settle your paperwork 

You want your new life to be problem free, so make sure you handle all your business needs. Check with your local and national government to make sure all the necessary paperwork is in order. Obtain your visa or work permits, handle taxes and insurance, as well as anything else you may need when relocating to a new country. Create a checklist to make sure no task is left incomplete.

Handle any business back home

The little things can get lost in the excitement of your relocation, so make sure to handle all necessary tasks at home before you go. Cancel recurring subscriptions like utilities, gym memberships, streaming services, and other small accounts. Give your bank advance notice for cancellations and switches in order to avoid fees. Transfer all others you wish to keep to your new address. Sell or store anything you won’t be bringing with you. Settle things with friends and family. Make your new address and contact information available to those you plan to stay in contact with, and make time to spend with your loved ones before you leave.

Snag that job! 

Last but not least, start your dreams abroad by finding the perfect position! If you haven’t already landed your dream job, head to https://cityjoboffers.com and email your resume to recruitment@cityjoboffers.com and start looking for positions abroad now! Find the perfect job to start your new life. Share this with anyone you think may be interested! Good luck!

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