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3 ways to use digital technology for job hunting
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

How to boost your chances of getting hired

Job seekers usually say that job searching is a job itself: It’s hard work. Candidates use a lot of time polishing application letters, editing CVs, trying to catch a job opportunity and praying to be noticed by the head-hunter. What if new technologies can help candidates to find the right job more easily? Here is how you can use technology for job hunting. 

1.Think Global, Reach global

Big companies work with multilingual colleagues in different cities, countries or even other continents. Technology has opened the talent pool for recruiters. It’s no longer necessary to stick to local talent, they can find talent globally. Actually, if you are a German-speaker looking for a job in sunny Lisbon, you can start your working experience abroad with the click of a button. For example, if you are a passionate traveller willing to advise customers on what hotel suits them best, take this chance to join an international company that serves 6,400 hotels in 40 countries worldwide. Embark on a Lisbon exciting project that is seeking for German-speaking Hotel Customer Advisors based in Lisbon to provide remote support.

Instead, if you are more in styling and design, start your career in fashion with this job offer for German-speakers based in Lisbon. Welcome to a company that reaches an audience of more than six million people worldwide. As a German-speaking Fashion Customer Advisor, you will be the fundamental link between the e-commerce products and clients of the digital shop.


You don’t even have to worry about your relocation to sunny Lisbon, as we are offering a full relocation package for #cityjobbers coming from abroad to Portugal. What’s included? Pick-up from the airport, administrative support for your integration in Portugal, subsequent reimbursement of flight costs, free annual flight home, accommodation in a company apartment in Lisbon and free language courses. 


These are great news for candidates willing to move to their dream job. Do you think that your skillset isn’t in demand where you live? There are no limits for your online job hunt! You can search for jobs in another location where your experience and background are more valuable. You can apply from anywhere at any time. For recruiters, technical advances offer up vast pools of talent: you can be living in Germany and apply for a relocation job in your native language in your dream city.


  1. Use your phone to land your dream job

Today’s candidates are mobile-savvy and tech-empowered. We are almost constantly on mobile devices and according to recent studies, 50 percent of people check their smartphones at least 25 times per day and 10 percent of people do it more than 100 times per day. Yes, that’s why recruiters, headhunters and employers are also online.

The phone is not only for connecting on Instagram, taking selfies, chatting with friends and family, playing music or boarding a plane. The phone has become an integral part of the job search process. From looking for your life opportunity on the Internet and exploring our job board to applying to job offers quickly. You can also send us a direct message via Instagram if you have any doubts about your job application. 

Coming soon on City Job Offers: when visiting our website, you will have the chance to chat with our e-recruitment assistant. Your virtual guide will help you maximize your job search and find a job. Ask Jobby everything you want to know about our job offers and relocation jobs. 

Given recruiters’ need to hire and the ease of mobile communication, it’s mandatory for job seekers to use the smartphone to find a job. When job searching, it’s key to be ready at any time to apply on-the-go. Have your important job search information and docs accessible from your phone. So whenever you check your mobile device, you are also able to chase thousands of job offers. Stay tuned to get job vacancies every time. We constantly update our social media with new job offers

It’s clear: job searching via mobile is the future. From researching job offers to being interviewed or recruited, your phone can take you to your dream job. 

  1. Open up to digital jobs 

Jobs in the online world are growing up, bringing new positions. Technology not only makes it easier for candidates to find their dream job, it has even given rise to more specific job openings.

If you like the idea of working online in your native language, look for job positions that work full time using internet services. In this case, your digital skills and know-how of the Internet and Social Media will be more of a consideration compared to your academic background

For example, you can work as a Customer Advisor for the world’s leading market research firm. Your mission will be to support German-speaking members from the contact center in Lisbon. Are you a confident communicator with excellent listening skills? We are looking for you! We need people-oriented individuals that can bring fresh customer service to multilingual teams. Challenge accepted? Apply here

Do you speak Dutch or French? We are in search of proactive people who are customer orientated and have a keen interest in IT. You will be given the opportunity to forge a career abroad, working for a big company based in sunny Barcelona. If you have a passion for technology and you like helping others with their technical issues, this is your chance to play for a global brand as a Dutch-speaking Tech Advisor. Instead, if you are a French-speaker, apply here to work as a Tech Representative with French in Barcelona! Technical Solutions Consultancy is now very much needed. 

Technology is changing the entire process of hiring. The development of advanced digital technology makes it even faster to find work. These days you can be more responsive in finding job vacancies that suit you. Attract recruiters and apply for jobs in one virtual step!

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