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10 most challenging interview questions
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Written by Natalie Barresi

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How to answer the most difficult questions in a job interview

Nerves and doubts are the protagonists of the job search. For this reason, preparing for the job interview should be an essential step before going to the meeting, as it will help us give the best of ourselves and reduce anxiety. 

For companies, the job interview is one of the most important stages in the personnel selection process. At this moment, they meet the candidates applying for the job, so the first impression is crucial. 

The interview is the perfect moment to convince the recruiter that you can be essential to the company and inform them of all the good things you can bring to the team. 

One of the important aspects of this process is learning how to communicate: choosing the right words and taking advantage of the potential of non-verbal communication.

In addition, one of the keys to passing a job interview is to learn to control your nerves since they are the leading cause of absent-mindedness and mistakes during the appointment.

Improvising or answering without having prepared for the interview is not recommended, as it can cause us to block and become nervous.

Before the interview

The first step is to find out about the company where you will be interviewed. Check the website and look for information about their activity. Your CV is your letter of introduction, and even if the company already has a copy, bring another one.

You should also study your resume and review your skills, education and work experience. Remember to confirm your attendance and be punctual. Showed up for the interview 5 minutes before the planned time.

During the interview

First impressions are essential, so take care of your appearance. A look that is too casual can denote a lack of professionalism. Ideally, it would be best if you adapted your style to the job you are applying for. Conventionally greeting the interviewer and shaking hands conveys security and self-confidence.

In addition, it is important to look the interviewer in the eye. Remain attentive to what the interviewer says and answer their questions politely and courteously. Be careful with your language; don’t be aggressive, but don’t be shy either. Do not interrupt when they speak.

Don’t make nervous gestures, such as biting your nails, tapping continuously, fidgeting with your pen, or squirming in your seat. Even if your experience in other jobs has been negative, don’t tell your interviewer! (Unless they explicitly ask, always be polite and careful with your language).  

Lying, on the other hand, is not an option. Some prefer to “decorate” their work and academic experience; however, if you have to prove that you have that knowledge at the moment of truth, lying could play a dirty trick and harm your chances of getting the job.

After the interview

Once the interview is over, it is essential to analyze how the interview went and write down the strengths and weaknesses you have detected. The interviewer will contact you if you have been chosen (some companies also get you to inform you of your rejection).

Be patient and remember that you should not be the only candidate, so it is not recommended that you contact the company a few days later to ask if you have been selected or not.

If more than a week has passed without any news, you can send an e-mail or contact the company to inform you of the status of the selection process. Do it politely and kindly, and remind them that you are remain interested in the job.

10 most challenging questions

To help you in your preparation process, we’ve listed the 10 most challenging questions the recruiter might ask and how you must answer them.

Why did you leave your previous job / Why do you want to leave your current job?

Use this question as an opportunity to reinforce why you want to work at the company. Explain your intention to take on significant challenges and how you think the company would give you an excellent opportunity to achieve new goals.

How do you handle criticism?

Here you can say that you are human and you make mistakes, and you hope to learn from them. The best option is to give an example of when you have received constructive criticism and how you reacted.

What motivates you?

This question relates directly to your work ethic, personal vision and goals. It would be best if you didn’t talk about money or prestige.

Are you participating in other selection processes?

Be honest and tell the interviewer that you are actively looking for a job and have already attended other interviews. Being in high demand is an exciting quality.

What makes you different from other candidates?

This is your chance to mention your strengths and accomplishments. Don’t be arrogant, but don’t be afraid to sell yourself either. Give answers confidently and honestly.

What aspects of this job don’t appeal to you?

This is a tricky question. Explain naturally and leave clear that it’s not a problem. Playing it safe shows that even if you don’t currently see drawbacks to the job, you might find them later.

Are you comfortable taking orders from your boss?

Your answer should highlight your ability to work in a team. Give an example from your career that reinforces what you have said.

Tell us about a mistake you made and what you learned.

Answer honestly, but avoid getting too personal. Remember to come across as a professional.

What is your salary expectations?

The best way to answer this question it’s to find out the market standard. Don’t give them a specific amount. We recommend you mention a range, but comment that you expect at least the minimum or more, depending on your qualifications and experience.

Any questions for us?

You must show interest, so we don’t recommend saying no. Ask at least one question about the position or company.

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