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World Innovation Day: create your own career
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

World Creativity Day: how to reinvent your career

Why not try something new in this uncertain time? These days are a journey of transformation. Your job can also experiment a wind of change. Let’s get off the beaten track with alternative job profiles and opportunities to be discovered. Today is the day, do not leave it for tomorrow. We are dedicated to World Creativity and Innovation Day. #WCID is a global day celebrated on April 21 to raise awareness around the importance of creativity and innovation in problem solving

The day was created by United Nations with the support of 80 countries in order to recognise the sustainable development goals of the organization. The aim of the day is to encourage multidisciplinary thinking, which according to a report on the creative economy made by UNESCO is the true wealth of nations in the 21st century. 

Go on reading to know how to reinvent your career. The process of disrupting your life may be hard, but these days that everything is mutating, it might be easier to get out of your “comfort career zone”. 

Plan a Career Move

You can start by reading a step by step guide to Finding Gratifying Work by Julie Jansen. The book is called I Don’t Know what I want, but I know It’s Not This. The career coach talks about a “work-dissatisfaction epidemic” and encourages candidates to take the challenges of changing careers or finding a new job. Comprehensive and indispensable, this title is an useful down-to-earth resource for job seekers. As Julie recommends: it’s all about finding your work niche. Your special plate. That role that really takes the best of you. That job that is a great fit for your personality and your dream lifestyle. 

If you need some inspiration on how to change your work, Adam Grant -a management professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania- suggests something that is really related to this sanitary emergency: “The greatest untapped source of motivation is a sense of service to others; focusing on the contribution of our work to other people’s lives has the potential to make us more productive than thinking about helping ourselves”.

Find New Job Opportunities

Where are you going to find your dream job? Of course, online. Recruitment and job searching have moved to digital and social platforms (follow us on IG!) Hands up who lives in Lisbon and wants to find a job! Employers are hiring and we are placing candidates like you! Look at these exciting projects ? lisbonjoboffers.com

Actually, our top jobs of the week are new job opportunities at the best innovation companies in Portugal. If you are in Lisbon and you like the idea of working at Samsung, we are in search of German-speaking customer advisors. If you are a native French, work at Philips as a Customer Advisor and join one of the largest diversified technology companies, focused on improving people’s lives through creations. If you want to transform your passion into innovation, apply now. 

Be open 

Stay in the flow of life. Flexibility allows us to be happy besides circumstances instead of fighting life. Flow is available to everyone, everywhere; but to reach it you need effort.  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, an influential positive psychologists, explains that the focus is to get to an extraordinary space where our skills can meet challenge in order to create an optimal experience of growth and fulfillment. 

Plenty of research has been done to understand the role of our inner worlds rather than external circumstances in the quality of our lives. Concentrate in what you want. What kind of transformation would you like? Decide between making a big or small change. 

If you are likely to make an extreme change, you may be interested in Manon’s experience, a #cityjobber from Netherlands that moved to Portugal.

 “My plan was to move from my hometown. I wanted to live new experiences and find a job that could meet my expectations. I was wondering in which city my new experience should start. My priority was a city in Europe, and I ended up in Lisbon. I think this was one of the most successful decisions of my life”. 

So you know, as soon as we can start travelling again, you can consider a relocation. If you are in search of a multicultural and refreshing experience, work abroad. 

What about a local relocation? If you are in Lisbon, you can try Porto. From the North of Portugal, this is a cosmopolitan city where the ancient meets the contemporary. Porto is a source of inspiration that buzzes with a special energy and an appetite for all the good things in life. at Zalando, one of Europe’s largest online retail companies. If you are Dutch, catch this job offer over there at a fast-growing App: Customer Advice for Wish.com in Porto.

Instead, if you feel more to build your career from your existing skills, focus on the things that are good. Sometimes, career development can be as simple as transferring from one department of your company to another. Other times, changing the industry is the clue. Think about your interests and hobbies (you can start your career in the musical industry here), do you want to learn about a new market? Changing the subject can make you feel more creative, in a fresh environment. You can strategically work your journey to a new job in a different field.

Concentrate on your goals to make the next move. Yes, ensure that you update your CV and upload your latest portfolio. Make Social Media work for you: check that your digital profile self reflects and promotes your accomplishments and expectations. Tweeting meaningful comments helps, as well as responding to posts on Linkedin (follow us!)

#cityjobber, we hope that after this express redesign of your career, you feel more confident to dive into the talent pool, with a cleaner sense of direction to your new job. 

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