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Why is there such a high demand for German-speakers in the job market?
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

The huge need for German-speaking employees in Europe 

Germany is the largest economy in the world and any company looking to succeed will have some focus on the German market. This has resulted in German being the second most demanded language in Europe, besides English.  

There are over 100 million German-speakers worldwide and it is spoken in multiple countries in Europe. However, German can be difficult to learn as a second language, this leaves fewer candidates in the market.  

Also, unemployment rates are very low in Germany. Wages are high and standard of living is good so German-speakers are less likely to work abroad. German-speakers are in such high demand that companies are willing to give them more benefits in order to attract them to other countries.

Why should German-speakers work abroad?

German-speakers can find many employment opportunities in different sectors abroad in countries such as Spain, Portugal and Greece. Not to mention the fact that it is a great chance to experience new cultures.

Working abroad in the sun, close to the beach, eating delicious food in a country that feels like summer all year long definitely makes the move from Germany worth it.

Countries in Southern Europe are full of expats, making adaptation much easier. The cost of living is also cheaper and the culture is more laid back and relaxed than others. With less stress, there’s more time to enjoy the Mediterranean weather, the colorful architecture, and drinks on the beach.  

Cities like Barcelona and Lisbon are places where you’ll never get bored as there’s something to do at all times of the day. There’s bars and restaurants, beautiful nature, museums, music festivals, football matches, plenty of shopping opportunities, and that’s just the beginning.  

These countries also offer a high degree of employment protection. Worker’s rights are guaranteed by employers.

Top cities for German expats 

German-speakers have plenty of incredible cities to choose from abroad that are full of new opportunities. Not only do they offer more jobs and benefits to these candidates but these cities are full of life and you’ll never get bored.  


A city of art, culture, football, fashion and creativity. There’s no need to choose between mountains or the beach in Barcelona as this city offers you both. If you’re not one for nature, this place has something for everyone: shopping (vintage, luxury and more), museums, spots for skaters, great cuisine, a strong football culture and great weather. Once you experience the city, you’ll find it hard to leave.  


With a growing community of internationals, Lisbon is becoming a hotspot for expats. Not only does it offer colorful architecture but it also has beaches and a stunning cosmopolitan energy. Many young expats move from Germany to experience the stunning views, sunny weather and great nightlife in Lisbon.  


The oldest city in Europe but also one of the most exciting cities on the continent. The population of young expats in Athens has grown more and more in recent years. This has resulted in many new job opportunities. For German-speakers looking to be surrounded by an exciting culture, innovation, fantastic weather and some of the most famous food in Europe, Athens is the place for you.  

If you’re a German-speaker and you want to take the next step in your career abroad, check out our job offers in Barcelona, Lisbon and Athens!

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