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Social Media Day: How do I use Instagram to find a job?
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

Get your Instagram profile ready for your job hunt

On the #WorldSocialMediaDay, we think about how they have changed the world. Have you ever imagined finding a job on Instagram? Make it possible with us. As an e-recruitment agency, we post exciting job opportunities on our Social Media. Look at our new job offers and start working in a leading company or in a fast-growing startup with one click. However, using Instagram for job searching is not at the top of most job seeker’s minds. It can be a potentially untapped source. Let’s go over a few ways you can use Instagram to your professional advantage.

Sure, you have got LinkedIn covered, but what about Instagram? With so many people interacting on the app, it can be a great resource in your job search. Stop thinking about it just as a photo sharing platform, it can still be a great place to expand your career and find your next move. Even more if you are thinking about a relocation, as you can get in contact with global employers on Social Media. Just think about your dream city and find a job in the sunshine before leaving your hometown. Working abroad in your native language certainly broadens your horizons in such a full of ways. It can be the best plan for your summer 2020! If it sounds like you, browse our job offers for German, Dutch and French speakers in Lisbon and Barcelona

How to fill out a well-built profile 

Instagram can be used as a personal branding machine. The app allows you to share more about yourself and design your own brand. First of all, you’ll want your profile to be consistent with your other professional social media accounts and clear on what your expertise is. Make sure your new account is public. Add a headshot-style photo and a website link to LinkedIn, Twitter page, your personal website or your online portfolio. You have 150 characters to express and sell yourself. You can mention your skills, your passions or what sort of new job you’re looking for. Do not forget to list languages, especially if you want to join a multicultural and international team. 

What to Post?

If you’ve created a separate, professional Instagram account, focus on career-related images. Did you attend a digital conference related to your sector? Tag the virtual event and write a great copy. If you are doing some remote work, you can screenshot and share. Showcase what you are working on. Highlight your projects. Many freelancers even advertise on Instagram to find new clients.

Are you good with videos and you are willing to enter the tech market? IGTV features can be your best CV, also if you are in search of a job opportunity to work in Social Media. Instagram Stories are important as well. In some career fields, as IT positions and Online Marketing Jobs, your application can receive a boost by having a powerful Instagram profile. The app provides another space to show off your skills. Are you are digital market? Your IG can be your portfolio.

Last but not least: keep a regular posting schedule. Think about this account as a worthwhile investment in your career plan. Work on your hashtags, they make your content discoverable. Post about trending topics and use branded hashtags. This makes it easier to find you. 

What accounts should I follow? 

Of course, start by @cityjoboffers_eu so you can stay tuned to the latest job offers and relocation opportunities. We also post tips for your job search, career advice and labour market trends. Connect with others in your industry. Follow colleagues and companies that you like within the sector you are interested in. Follow the influencers in that circle. This is a good media to learn about a corporate culture, to get closer to the company’s values and work environment. Network and interact. If you are contacted for a selection process, before you pick up the phone or walk into a virtual interview to meet the hiring manager, do your scroll: Instagram gives you an excellent idea of who a brand is. The more you know, the better prepared you are to land that role.  

Overall, Instagram is a visual medium, lending itself perfectly to display your talents in a more personal platform. It can benefit your job search as it can help you find open jobs and present recruiters who you are and why you will match with the role. Remember, if you are not contacted right away, don’t be discouraged. Try another job offer ? Opportunity and patience are key ?!

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