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Local bites: where to find the best flavours in Barcelona
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Written by Natalie Barresi

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Barcelona moves into Phase 1: how to celebrate

Happy tuesday #cityjobbers living in Barcelona! With Phase 1 comes family and friends gathering, the reopening of terraces, theatres and cinemas. During the lockdown, normality has been turned on its head, but fortunately simple great things are again in our routine. 

The new phase 1 see a relaxation of restrictions, with bar and restaurantes terraces reopening for the first time since the state of alarm was declared in mid-March. Outdoor seating can open to 50 percent of their capacity, with a maximum of 10 people per table. 

Cultural venues may open to a maximum of 30 audience members if they are indoors, while open spaces may open to a maximum of 200. Libraries and museums may open to a maximum of 30 percent of their capacity. Libraries and museums are back as well. So what will life in Barcelona be like during these days? Read on to know where to find the best flavours in Barcelona

Smell the coffee

For many of us, starting the day without having a cup of coffee at the corner bar during the lockdown was terrible. Luckily, in Barcelona, the small happy moments of life -like having a quality coffee outside- are back to our “new normal”. #cityjobber, if you are one of those coffee lovers let me tell you something great: cafeterías and speciality coffee points in Barcelona reopen. 

From the trendy SKYE Coffee Co. in Poblenou (a coffee van parked in the wonderful warehouse of Espai 88) to international roasters like Nomad or traditional temples as Cafés El Magnífico that has been around for more than 100 years (the family behind this shop has been roasting coffee in El Born since 1919): the streets of Barcelona are lined with plenty of beautiful cafés.  

You can find all kinds of cafés inthe city, from popular bars to pop ups and secret spaces where coffee is practically worshipped. Nowadays you can even get traceability information throughout the process that brings the good stuff to us. 

Going out for tapas 

Small plates are here again, and that means much more than just a meal. It’s a local culture that you must experience while living and working abroad in Barcelona. Start with pa amb tomàquet, an essential snack: hunks of bread are crisped up and rubbed with tomata de penjar,  with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt. The specific tomatoes that are used for this bread are bunched along a vine that can be hung up in a kitchen. The coca bread is also good. You can have it with sardines. More small plates? Boquerones, ham croquettes, and the unmissable tortilla

Catalan cuisine is truly Mediterranean, stemming from both the land and sea. And the region has certainly lent itself to award-winning restaurants and Michelin stars. The summer salad is escalivada, fresh and smoky. The name of the dish stems from the Catalan verb escalivar, meaning to cook in ashes. Literally, it is crafted out of blackened tomatoes, peppers, onions and aubergines grilled over an open fire or directly in the ashes. You’ll sometimes find that these vegetables are served alongside anchovies and tuna.

If you miss sausages, ask for mongetes amb botifarra. Cooked in Catalonia since the 16th century, this is the Catalan version of sausage and beans. Botifarra is typically made of pork and laced with a host of fresh spices. Other versions of this sausage include black botifarra and some varieties are made with ingredients such as truffles, eggs, boiled rice and tripe. The sausage is flanked by a side of white beans and garnished with parsley. 

During the sunny days, if you’re looking for a simple, homestyle, traditional Catalan meal, you can find it at Barceloneta, at any of  its rustic, family-run bars that seem a whole world away from the touristy atmosphere but a few steps from the Mediterranean sea. 

Eat Fideuá in a beachfront chiringuito

Visitors come to Barcelona looking for a hearty paella lunch by the sea, however, to eat it like a true local you should give up their rice for noodles. Here, the culinary start is fideuá, a delicious pasta and seafood dish that is even better when it’s topped with a generous amount of garlicky alioli! Sounds good? Here are our favourite spots to find the best fideua in a seaside bar.

For more than 40 years, Salamanca is the emblematic restaurant of Barceloneta for fruit sangría and fideuá with the freshest ingredients and an incredible terrace with stunning beach views. Relax and feel the local atmosphere as you enjoy your meal in one of Barcelona’s most famous beachside restaurants. Do not leave before taking your selfie with Silvestre, the alma mater of the place who owns the shop since 1969. 

If you prefer Bogatell beach but always boasting a seafront location, L’Escamarlà is the one. Nautical décor, great service and a spectacular terrace facing the blue Mediterranean. It specialises in seafood with carefully selected local ingredients from the market. They reopen today for lunch (reservations are essential), showing an excellent selection of Catalonia wines on its menu. 

The Barcelona lifestyle never lets us down. If it sounds like the perfect city for you, let us find you your dream job over there in your native language. You can browse our latest job offers and search for one that fits your skills and expectations. Apply now and start a new beach life with our relocations programs. 

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