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Interview with Glovo: their experience with City Job Offers
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

What is it like working with City Job Offers?

We talked with Fabiana, the Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, at Glovo about their experience working with City Job Offers.

What was it like before you had our service?

Before we decided to work with CJO, we were in a kind of problematic situation. Since the business came to us (the talent acquisition team) with the need of hiring 30 people in less than two months.

So even if we are a huge team of recruiters, we didn’t have enough hands to do the job. It was pretty complicated before City Job Offers.

What made our service stand out from other options?

We worked with CJO in the past as well and the experience was great so we thought, why not repeat it.

The experience was good and we knew that City Job Offers could do the job well. We preferred not to take the risk and go to other companies that maybe couldn’t do it in the same way.

What have you been able to achieve since using our service?

The service provided and the colleagues of the company that we have worked with have been amazing.

We were able to close all the positions that we needed in the time that we had fixed, so that was impressive for us.

Glovo was also satisfied with the result that we achieved.

Is there anything we could do differently?

I don’t think so. Maybe just that at the beginning, there was a bit of misalignment in terms of the profiles that we are recruiting now compared to the profiles that we were recruiting in the past together with City Job Offers.

So we needed a few weeks to adjust a bit, but I mean this is normal in recruitment. So there’s nothing we can complain about.

What about our business surprised you the most?

I think the speed. Aliris, Sandra, Joana, (some of our expert CJO colleagues) were all super fast in terms of understanding the profile, going to the market, looking for the people, interviewing them, presenting candidates to our managers, raising their hand when there was a problem and so on.

So I think the speed and the reactions and how fast it was surprised us. I think that was the most amazing part.

Would you recommend us to other companies?

Yes. Honestly, I think so especially when it comes to a high volume type of recruitment.

When it’s like 30 positions that you need for tomorrow basically; I think, at least from what we’ve experienced, that it’s super good service.

How would you describe the experience of working with CJO?

As a positive one. Super fast, super engaging, interesting and understanding of our business needs. It wasn’t just to recruit and that’s it.

CJO took the extra step forward to really understand what was happening and how they could help.

Which of the following values ​best defines CJO from highest to lowest: Speed, Quality, Service Personalization, Cost-Effectiveness.

I would say speed would be number 1.

Then quality, I think that the service and the quality of the candidates that we hired through City Job Offers was pretty high.

And then Cost-effectiveness and finally Service Personalization, not because the service wasn’t personalized, in fact I saw that the CJO recruiters were devoted to us all the time. But simply just to put them in order, I would say that’s the last one.

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