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How to adapt to a new country
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

Want to move abroad and still feel at home?

The world is becoming more globalized and leaving one’s home country has become much more common. However, moving abroad is no small feat. There are many people who are too scared to do what you’re doing. You may even be the first one in your family to leave your country. 

The logistics and the move may be a bit hectic but this new adventure will help you grow and have once in a lifetime experiences. 

Moving to a new country means adapting to a different language, culture or way of life. The first thing to do is to be open minded. Some things are going to be different. Don’t compare things to how they are in your own country. 

Try doing the following:

Observe the locals, those at your work or even just the ones you see throughout your day. Simple things such as seeing if they are punctual or more laid back, can help you adapt more quickly. Ask locals about cultural things such as popular music artists, the shows they watched as kids, and so on. This allows you to be able to relate more to them and not feel left out of the conversation. 

Learn the language. Maybe you already know it, but you can learn the slang or phrases that are used that are different from your country. Even learning some simple words or common phrases will allow you to connect and communicate more in a new country.

This will let you feel more integrated. Also, seeing that you’ve made an effort to learn some of their language will be appreciated by the locals and it may create stronger bonds with them.

Your company is most likely very international, so hang out with the other foreigners. They understand what it’s like to live abroad and they’ll have tips on how to adapt. Having this group will help get through any culture shock but also gives you the opportunity to learn about other countries.

Is moving to a new country hard?

It really depends on you. If you’re willing to put in the work, then you’ll see the results. If you aren’t willing to learn and try new things, then adapting will be much more difficult. You may get homesick and things maybe would’ve been easier if you had settled and stayed in your country but then you wouldn’t get new experiences, new languages and wouldn’t grow as much.

Common questions about moving abroad:

How do expats feel at home?

Get to know your new city like a local does. Take public transport. Get used to the traffic. Participate in local activities. Discover your new neighborhood, find your own favorite restaurant or bar. Learn commute shortcuts.

Getting familiar with your surroundings will make you more comfortable and it’ll feel more like home.  Bring things that remind you of your home: photos or decorations, your favorite items, familiar smells.

Make your new home your safe space, just make sure you don’t overpack.

Will moving abroad make me happy? 

Moving to a new country will get you out of your comfort zone, it will make you uncomfortable sometimes, but the way you’ll grow as a person and the adventures you’ll live, will bring joy and happiness to your life. You become more open minded, discovering new perspectives on life and it’ll give you a big advantage to other job seekers.

You’ll be able to adapt to new situations, you’ll speak more languages and will have a bigger global network of connections.  Moving abroad is an experience that many people wouldn’t take the risk for.

Many people are scared of change but you won’t regret taking the leap and feeling accomplished for pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. You’ll come out as a more resilient, experienced and cultured person.

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