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Explore the green side of Lisbon
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Written by Natalie Barresi

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Did you know that Lisbon is the 2020 European Green Capital?

One of the best things about living in Portugal is the easy access it provides to stunning and enchanting nature. Add year-round sun and long beaches. We know that #cityjobbers are fond of the idyllic Portuguese landscape and its amazing lifestyle. Lisbon is carpeted by a vast tract of wilderness.

But this is not just a beautiful and sunny country: Portugal is leading the way in sustainable living. Mixing natural resources with engineering efforts, Portugal has developed a system of creating its own energy and it’s working well. They are leaving behind fossil fuels, focusing on hydro- and wind-based energy: when travelling around the country, you will see delicious rural regions with windmills.

These are just a few of the many reasons why everyone is flocking to this part of the Iberian Peninsula. Also you #cityjobber!

In fact, Lisbon is in the top 10 cities in the world regarding quality of life. Here is why.

Goals of a sustainable city

Did you know that Portugal is the world leader in the production of renewable energy? It satisfies almost 70% of its energy needs through hidro, win and solar energy. Congrats Portugal! We are proud of your green spirit.

Sunny Lisbon won the European Green Capital Award for 2020, a prestigious title given by the EU Commissioner for Environment. Well done Lisbon! you are the new champion of urban sustainability. The initiative entered its second decade, becoming even more significant than ever, with today’s enormous environmental challenges. Climate emergency, over consumption, biodiversity loss and plastic waste are major threats to our current cities.

Lisbon started its journey towards sustainability during a period of economic crisis, so its evolution can be a role-model for many cities across the European Union, demonstrating that sustainability and economic growth go hand in hand. The city is strong in sustainable land use, sustainable transport, eco innovation, climate change adaptation and waste management.

It was the first capital in Europe to sign the New Covenant of Mayors for Climate Change and Energy in 2016, after achieving a 50% reduction in C02 emissions, reducing also energy consumption by 23% and water consumption by 17%.

Lisbon Green StyleJoin the green lifestyle

It is inspiring to see such strong leadership from our beloved Lisbon! With great environmental strategies and urban planning as well as responsible citizens that are active and committed to their city, the green transformation is possible. Portugal turned environmental challenges into opportunities, making Lisbon a healthy and enjoyable place to stay, live and work in.

The capital offers a perfect combination of key elements that ensure a pleasant way of living, starting with sustainable urban mobility. Lisbon has invested millions into improving its cycling lanes, which offer a safe and easy way to see the city and beyond. There are plenty of hire shops and also electric-assisted bikes to rent (using apps like Jump). They encourage cycling, as well as walking and using public transport (consider that 93% of people in Lisbon live within 300m of a frequent public transport stop) instead of cars. They have one of the world’s largest networks of electric vehicle charging points.

On two wheels

Whether you want to go around the flats on the banks of the river or venture to the peaks of Sintra, there are plenty of options for getting to know the Lisbon area on two wheels. Monsanto Green Corridor is loved by cyclists and bladers. It is a 2,3 km green corridor connection between a forest ark and the centre that intend to bring nature to the interior of the city. Designed by Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles, the architect forecasted that Portugal’s future depended on preserving its natural side. The result is a landscaped urban path that radiates eco-consciousness, with the signs constructed of recycled plastic and a bridge made of sustainable wood..

Take a half day bike tour along the river and through the market to cover Lisbon’s highlights. The city isn’t short on history, and you can learn about the interesting facts of Lisbon with this great experience. After descending the main boulevard, you’ll witness the daily life of the locals and the vibrant old Market. The Tagus (the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula) will now get you to the ancient main gate of the city. You’ll have a new understanding of Portuguese folklore with this up-close and fun tour.

Most beautiful parks in Lisbon

Lisbon has a huge assortment of green spaces. One of our favorites is lovely Jardim da Estrela. It is popular with locals and #cityjobbers, as it is a relaxing space with a duck pond, exotic plants and trees, as well as sculptures. Do not miss the café to try homemade typical desserts. Parque do Calhau has sunny lawns and the best picnic tables. Parque Eduardo VII is the biggest one in central Lisbon and it features mosaic patterned walkways that stretch uphill. For a panoramic view, Jardim do Torel is our secret: a beautiful and relatively hidden 19th century garden that offers a breathtaking view.
Add cultural life (the Gulbenkian Gardens also include an open-air theater to enjoy modern and historical productions), low cost of housing and new business opportunities. If it sounds like paradise for you, find your dream job in Lisbon with us. There are new job vacancies over there in your native language, at the coolest global companies. Apply now and make a career move to green Lisbon.

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