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5 questions to ask before moving to Barcelona for a job during Covid-19
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Guidance relating to coronavirus and relocation jobs

Moving to Barcelona for a relocation job is one of life’s greatest adventures. The excitement of a Mediterranean city, the promise of an international career and the opportunity to discover more about yourself, while you are away from home with recently known mates. There are many advantages to taking the plunge, but we know that in this pandemic context you may also have doubts. We give you 5 reasons why you can still relocate to Barcelona besides the Coronavirus. Here is everything you want to ask and you need to know about relocation and Covid-19. Check our blog often for updates!

  1. Is there any relocation going on at Barcelona Job Offers? 

Yes. We are back placing international candidates, since the end of the lockdown in Spain. The majority of our candidates are Germany and Netherlands based and they want to come to sunny Barcelona, where we have plenty of relocation job offers in their native languages. They are open to travel to a new country to start a career abroad, and as international flights are no longer closed in the European Union, they can easily fly to Spain from their hometown. We are also having more job offers for french speakers willing to move to the sunshine. #Cityjobber, you are invited to come to Barcelona to actually undertake our open positions for international candidates!

  1. Is Barcelona airport operating normally?

Yes, and the cost of your flight ticket can be reimbursed if you apply for a job offer with relocation bonus. Follow recommendations to move safely. When you are coming from abroad, you must fill the Health Control Form (FCS) and show the QR code at the Border Health Control. Get to know more. Is it safe to travel to Spain now? Yes. “Spain for sure” is the name of the new campaign with Rafa Nadal and other national reliable stars inviting international travelers to go back to Spain.

  1. What’s the travelling information regarding Covid-19?

You will arrive at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport. You must wear a facemask everywhere on the airport premises. Respect the markings and footprint signs throughout the airport. Keep a safe distance at the disembarking queue and follow hygiene measures (cough into the crook of your elbow, wash your hands, minimize contact with surfaces, etc.). Hand sanitiser dispensers are available throughout the airport. Only use a bottle at the airport’s water fountains. At the security control, trays for personal items are disinfected. Please notice that passengers coming from abroad might be requested to go through a temperature check using thermographic cameras. Keep a safe distance while waiting for your baggage. 

  1. European travelers coming to Spain must quarantine?

No. International travellers arriving in Spain from other countries of the European Union do not need to quarantine. Since Spain reopened its borders in June, travellers coming from European countries like Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France can enter normally, they are not asked to quarantine. You are able to travel to Spain without having to quarantine on arrival from your hometown within Europe. 

  1. Any safety advice on commuting to the new job?

Yes, of course, there are circumstantial details that will impact your move, but you can safely travel to your dream job and commute to your new office in Barcelona. Many companies are operating normally at their clean modern offices, with safety measures like mandatory masks, social distance and on-site doctor. Many others are offering their employees to work from home temporarily, during Covid-19 contingency plan. All employers are taking significant precautions to make sure they are working with health and safety top of mind. We only work with great companies that truly care about their people. 

If you land a new job that requires you to relocate immediately, don’t worry. Follow our latest relocation advice and apply to your job abroad with confidence. As the writer Anaïs Nin said: “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” 

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