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5 benefits of remote work for companies and employees
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Written by Natalie Barresi

Branded Content Creator

Does working from home increase productivity?

Among the numerous changes brought about by the pandemic, remote work is the new way of operating. Working from home is here to stay for many companies, so what are the advantages of teleworking for both the company and for the employee?

Advantages of teleworking for workers

1.  Work-life balance. This formula is effective for successfully balancing professional life and personal happiness by having a greater level of freedom.This also creates more trust between employees and companies knowing that even though they aren’t together in an office, that they can still confide in each other to get their job done.

2. Less stress. Telecommuting can improve your standard of living by allowing you to work from home, in an environment of security and emotional well-being. In addition, with no boss breathing down your neck, you feel more relaxed which allows you to be more focused and productive.

3. Greater flexibility of schedules. Working remotely allows you to adapt your work schedule according to your own personal needs. This provides a higher level of response to meet possible last-minute unforeseen events on the agenda.

4. Reduced expenses. Avoiding eating out and the cost of urban transport allows you to save extra money each month.

5. Increased productivity. Distance working allows for better time management, as you don’t have to depend on external factors such as traffic jams or public transit delays that might make you late to the office. This time management can have very positive effects on your productivity. It allows you to take advantage of the first hours of the day and get more work done.


        1. Advantages of teleworking for businesses

1. Lower costs. It allows for reduction of infrastructure costs in office facilities as less space is needed when employees work from home.

2. Better candidates. The remote hiring process allows companies to connect with better candidates from different locations that without teleworking they might not have been able to take into consideration. Remote work allows for more diverse collaborations since having to physically be at the office is no longer a necessity.

3. Reduces absenteeism. This work methodology also reduces attendance issues, since the worker has a timetable available to manage their work schedule. New softwares also allows one to see when employees start working and when they sign off.

4. Talent retention. From the corporate point of view, teleworking retains the loyalty of the most demanding professionals, who value this form of collaboration as an ingredient that improves their quality of life.

5. Improvement of objectives. The company prioritizes work by objectives instead of continuing to focus on time management. This change of mentality, according to present needs and marked by the technological revolution, improves a company’s corporate brand and above all, increases employee productivity. 

Working from home is an option that offers numerous benefits for both the company and employees, especially in delicate times like the ones we are living.

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