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Reduced stress and having a better work-life balance is something that most employees strive to have, but it can be tricky to achieve sometimes with a full-time job. So could working part-time be the right option for you?
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Why you should work part-time

Why working part-time might be the right choice for you CITY-JOB-OFFERS

Why you should work part-time

4 key things you need to know about part-time jobs and how they can improve your work-life balance


How often do you hear the phrase “work-life balance”? It’s a popular buzzword these days. Many workers have been looking to reduce their working hours in order to improve their work-life balance.  

This has led to working part-time becoming more common among workers. However, there are still a lot of people who are unaware that it may be the optimal career path for them.

Working part-time will give you the chance to get new experiences and make time for your hobbies, family, studies or learning a new skill. 

Why not take your career to new heights while still having time to enjoy the sun, live exciting experiences, and try great food in a new country?


1. What is meant by a part-time job?


A part-time job typically involves working fewer hours than a typical full-time job per work week. 

Employees that take up these jobs tend to be students, parents or people that don’t want to or can’t work full-time.


2. How many hours a week is a part-time job?


A full-time job is 40 hours per week, in most cases. A part-time position offers more flexibility, there is no standard that defines the hours of this type of role.

Generally, part-time jobs require less than 35 hours per week but this depends on many factors such as the position itself and the agreement made between the company and worker.


3. Why work part-time?


Whether a student looking for some extra money, or an employee looking for a change of pace — the benefits of working part time are plentiful

Employees enjoy working part-time for a number of reasons but mainly because it gives them more time. 

More time for their studies, more time to spend with friends and family, more time for their hobbies, more time to travel and so on.

Part-time jobs give you more control over your schedule but also help you gain experience and allow you to see if you are really interested in that role or industry before taking on a full-time position. 

It’s a chance to earn money but part-time jobs are available for all skill levels and all sectors. Many of them also have remote or hybrid workplace policies.

If at some point you want to work full-time then having a part-time job at a company and showing an employer your enthusiasm and loyalty could lead to you working there full-time. 

Other benefits of working part-time include:

Work-life balance


Flexibility, actually being able to have a social life, having time to travel, these are just some of the ways part-time work can improve your work-life balance.

Your daily routine will allow for more time to practice your hobbies or discover new ones. You’ll also have more time to disconnect from work and spend time with loved ones or even volunteering.


Reduced stress


Often you’ll find that when you don’t work full time, your stress level drops substantially

Working less can also help you grow – as a professional, as a person – and also take some of the pressure away from having such a busy life.

A part-time job can also mean a reduced commute or none at all to get to an office, which means less stress in pack public transport or being stuck in traffic.


Combine work with studies


Completing a degree is much more manageable when working part-time. It also allows you to have more time to learn new skills or languages which will be very useful in your professional career and would open many doors for you.

Part-time jobs also help with being able to pay for your studies. You will have time for your classes but will also be making money to pay for them as well.


4. How can I get a part-time job in Spain?


Spain is a wonderful country to live in. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and for good reason. The weather is great, the food is amazing and there are so many beautiful places to visit.

The Spanish people are also known for being friendly and welcoming. So if you’re looking to find a flexible part-time job in Spain, it’s worth considering moving there permanently!

If you want to live in one of Spain’s most popular cities like Barcelona, here’s 2 part-time job opportunities:


Just remember to have the right legal papers to work in Spain and enjoy the next stage of your life! 


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