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Thinking about moving to a super fun city like Málaga? Read this article to discover why moving to Málaga is the best option for your life and career
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Why you should live and work sunny in Málaga

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Why you should live and work sunny in Málaga

Move to Málaga: enjoy this summer paradise

Why should you work in Málaga?

Here you will discover why relocating to Málaga is the best option for you.

The weather is amazing 

With more than 300 sunny days per year and less than a month of mild cold, you will feel like in a holiday paradise


Going to the beach is a big part of the lifestyle in Málaga. With more than 160 km of coastline and several beaches, you will have plenty of options to choose from. 

Just 20 minutes away from the city center on foot, you can reach the Playa de la Malagueta. If you want a break from the city, we suggest you go to La Carihuela. Less than an hour away by car you find this former fishing village to spend a relaxing day at the beach. 

If you are into diving and snorkelling, you will be busy exploring several amazing beaches. Cala del Cañuelo in Nerja is one of the best. There is an amazing combination of plants and animals, even the endangered “one coral” can be found in this dreamy location. Punta de Calaburras in Mijas is also a magnificent beach to explore underwater. It is full of impressive rock formations and posidonia oceanica, an endemic underwater plant. 


Jamón, olives, olive oil… You will truly enjoy the local eating traditions. Tapas will make you fall in love with Spanish cuisine. 

This area has delicious fruit and vegetables, as well as a big culinary tradition of fishing dishes. One of the most simple yet delicious specialities are ‘espetos’, the name for fresh sardines stuck in a stick and grilled. Pescaíto is another fishing delicacy, made of fried and crispy small fish. Other famous and delicious delicacies in the local tradition are ajoblanco, gazpachuelo and zurrapa.

Going to tapas bars is really ingrained in the local culture. 

One of the most populars is El Pimpi. Its surroundings are outstanding and the tapas are delicious. It is a frequently visited place by locals. 

Another one worth visiting is El Tapeo de Cervantes. It is one that receives outstanding opinions. Its specialities include cheese, croquetas and toasts. 

We complete the list of recommended tapas bars with Bar la Campana. It is a very crowded place since they offer delicious local food at a reasonable price. Some of their most delicious dishes are fried fish and rice. 

Culture and sightseeing

With more than 37 museums and tons of white enchanting villages, you will truly enjoy your free time exploring the area and taking part in cultural activities. The city itself is an open air museum with Spanish, Roman and Moorish influences. It has several famous museums such as the Pompidou Center of Málaga and the Picasso Museum. It is also worth visiting Alcazaba, a well-preserved fortification that offers magical sunsets and the Roman amphitheatre. The old town is very charming due to his clobbed streets

If you want to escape from the city, we strongly recommend visiting Salares and Acebuchal. Go visit them and tell us which one is your favorite.

Easiness to travel

Málaga airport is well connected. There are direct flights to more than 100 European cities daily. It is the most busy airport in Spain (behind Madrid and Barcelona). 

The city is also connected by high-speed trains (known as AVE in Spanish) to main Spanish cities. In less than 3 hours you can reach the capital city, Madrid.


Malagueños are truly kind and warm people. They have the joy of life in their veins and they make the most of each day. While interacting with them or making friends, you will sincerely appreciate their closeness.

Good public transport and a very walkable city 

Málaga is not a huge city and it is really walkable. Public transport is also great. In addition, it is also a great city to move by bike. The government of the region is planning on developing a great cycle lane network that connects all provincial capitals of Andalucia and many other important cities of the region. 

Economy and Cost of Living 

The economy of this city is thriving. Many international companies chose Málaga and are creating new jobs. At the same time, the cost of living is significantly lower than in most European cities. 

Holiday home or investment opportunity 

This city with a low-crime rate and a rich history is a good place to buy a property. In comparison with Marbella, Málaga is significantly cheaper and it is a wonderful place to invest in a property and resell it or have your family holiday house. 

Air quality

The air quality is outstanding in comparison to other cities in Andalucia and the air pollution is one of the lowest in Spain. 

Do you look forward to moving to Málaga?

Send your resume to recruitment@cityjoboffers.com and start working and living in Málaga as soon as possible. 

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