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Take a look at the following 5 tips that can help you stay with the positive and discard the negative after a job interview.If they say 'no', it's part of the process?
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What should I do if they do not choose me as a Candidate for the job?

Job interviews do not always give us the expected result, and also when we failed in this phase of the job search process, we must be prepared.

To better assume this stage in an optimistic and enterprising way, take a look at the following 5 tips that can help you stay with the positive and discard the negative, after a job interview, because the latter is useless, just to charge you negatively and make you lose time.

So keep your focus on the following 5 tips:

    1. After each Interview: Leave your doors open!The success does not mean in reaching to the end of the Recruitment process, it is also having the opportunity to be part of it.The best way to prove it, is being grateful for having participated. To leave a positive footprint is important so that they remind you when they open other Recruitment processes, so make a difference in the Job Interview. Your interest in the Company, your charisma and passion for what you do professionally, will do that they will not forget you.
    2. Trust in your talent.Motivation as a companion of attitude and action, during the job search, should always go hand in hand. All the effort will be rewarded at the time.
    3. Give value to the networking that you achieveExpand your network of contacts through these experiences.Keep in touch with the Recruiters or with the person who handle the selection process by mail or through the way they have contacted you.Send a message or even follow and comment on the post that they make on the social networks.With these actions, you can keep up to date with new job offers in the Company, their latest projects and achievements … and this will help you to be more than ready for the next Interview.
    4. If they say “no”, remember that this is part of the processWe must accept rejections as learning.Knowing how to face negative responses is part of the process.Transform it into an injection of motivation to move forward with your goals.
    5. Ask for feedback after the InterviewsFind out and discover what Recruiters have thought of you.

This information, used correctly, can help you refocus improvements in future Job Interviews.

And finally, remember …

Do not get frustrated, channel the rejections, the “no”, and all the experiences that are not as you expected.

Do not let anything or anyone make you lose the north and the value of everything you’ve done to achieve your goal, keep your mood and positive energy. The “no”, are part of the job search process, they are not the end.

You will see that one way or another, working on it, and focusing your energy on achieving it, you will achieve your goals.

And when you got it, you know, Enjoy it!

Marycel Mercado

Marycel Mercado

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