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Money isn’t the only key to happiness, there are many other factors that keep employees happy and loyal to their companies. A big part of that is emotional salaires, ever heard of it? Find out more here.
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What is emotional salary and how it can increase your work motivation

What is emotional salary

What is emotional salary and how it can increase your work motivation

6 benefits of an emotional wage


Did you know that your salary is not the only benefit you get from working? There are other non-monetary benefits that can be even more important for your long-term career success.

In today’s world, most employees are not just driven by monetary incentives. There are numerous other factors that dictate how productive they can be in the office, and one of them is the level of motivation they have to do their job. 

It’s clear that money isn’t the only way to keep employees happy – rather, there are several other factors that can make a person much happier at work, so much so that it boosts their productivity as well as their loyalty to the company.


1. What is emotional salary?


Money alone is not the source of happiness and contentment. Truth be told, the way you feel about your work has more impact on your happiness than how much you earn. 

An emotional salary is a type of compensation that is paid in part with a monthly allowance of money. Employees in the modern workforce are more and more demanding for emotional salary. They want to be happy at work and be able to develop themselves in their career.

This salary fulfills the needs of employees, and is key to increase productivity and motivation

Examples of emotional wage: 

    • Flexible workplace.
    • Training and continuous learning. 
    • Flexible working hours.
    • Child care.
    • Having space where employees can relax and disconnect in the office. 
    • Resources.


2. Why is it important?


This type of salary is beneficial for both the employer and the employee. It helps the employee feel valued by their employer, which can improve their motivation at work and their mental well-being. And it helps employers retain valuable employees who might otherwise have left due to stress or burnout.

If emotional salary is not taken into account then you can end up with employees who are not satisfied and often leave the company. This will lead to an increase in turnover rates and decreased productivity rates.


How can an emotional salary improve your motivation at work?:


3. Improved well being


In a world where technology is constantly evolving and changing, the workplace is no exception. The way people work has changed dramatically in recent years, with more and more people working remotely or from home. In some cases, this may be due to the need for greater flexibility and control over their work-life balance.

But in other cases, it might be because employees are finding that they are happier when they don’t have to go into an office every day.

Employees who have a positive attitude about their work environment are more likely to be productive than those who don’t. And not only that – but they also tend to have higher rates of mental wellbeing than those who are less satisfied with their workplace environment.

If a company cares about its employees and provides emotional salaries, those workers will feel more motivated and passionate about their work. It will also make them more loyal to that employer.


4. More recognition


It is important to be recognized for your work, and not just with a pat on the back. The emotional salary is a way to measure how well you are doing at your job by looking at the emotions it produces.

The emotional salary can also be used as feedback to help improve your performance in the workplace. You can use this information to see where you need improvement and what you are doing well.

Either way, recognition is key for employees to feel valued and appreciated and this emotional pay makes it easier for workers to feel seen and have a sense of belonging.


5. Better communication


The idea behind it is to have a more transparent and honest conversation about pay, benefits, and other workplace issues. It is important to note that the emotional salary does not have a specific number attached to it. 

This allows employees to be more comfortable with the conversation and employers to be more honest with their employees.


6. Increased creativity


Creativity is the key to a successful business. It’s the driving force behind innovation, and it’s what helps companies come up with new ideas for products and services. Creativity is also essential for improving employee engagement, which can increase productivity and decrease turnover rates.

In order to create an environment where creativity can flourish, it’s crucial to understand how to motivate and inspire employees. Giving workers autonomy, flexibility, the freedom to follow their ideas, lets them think out of the box more because they know they will be heard and their work will have a purpose. 


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