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Upskilling for the new job market

upskilling for the new job market

Upskilling for the new job market

3 in-demand skills to master in 2021

It has always been important to reskill and learn new abilities, but this time, due to the economic uncertainty, it’s essential for job seekers to upskill. Covid-19 has forced organizations to reorganize their human capital. These are good news if you are looking for jobs in Lisbon or jobs in Barcelona: top companies and fast-growing start-ups are hiring and recruiting talents like you to face the new normal. Here’s a look at the skills that will be most in demand in 2021.

In the opinion of the World Economic Forum’s, while Coronavirus resulted in many companies laying off employees, it also made companies reassign many employees in their current workforce. According to their The Future of Jobs Report -where they show the jobs and skills of the future, tracking the pace of change- of the employees who remained in their roles in 2020, about 40% can expect that the core skills for that position will change, so flexibility is the key. 50% of employees will need upskilling and many employers are aware of the value of investing in their human capital: companies expect to offer upskilling to over 70% of employees by 2025.


What IT leaders are looking for 

If you are technically gifted, this is your big time to shine. Yes, Technical skills are the future of work. At City Job Offers we work with IT global companies and we can tell that Engineering background is the clue. They are looking for people with what kind of experience? Mainly, our partners are in search of international candidates willing to work in Lisbon or work in Barcelona with experience in technical support and troubleshooting. In fact, at our e-recruitment agency we are in search of German-speaking Technical Solutions Consultant based in Barcelona. Do you have technical expertise and you are looking to work in a high tech environment? Great! Fulfil your dream and find a job today in sunny Barcelona! Welcome to an American corporation that provides Internet-related product services, including internet search, mapping, cloud computing software and advertising. You will solve technical and usage doubts of consumers that are using the company’s products and services. If you are happy helping people with their technical issues and giving product support, this is your new job. Join an exciting and successful team at the heart of the IT world. A multicultural team awaits you. Send your CV now!


If you are a French-speaker, catch this dream opportunity to gain technical experience. Based in Lisbon, you will offer Technical Customer Support via voice, email and chat. Your role is to ensure excellent customer satisfaction, assisting users with pre-Sales, general inquiries, and technical support issues through different messaging channels. What do you need for this position? Ability to adapt the brand’s voice and tone for interactions on both private (phone, email, chat, messaging) and public (social, forums, e-commerce reviews) channels. Empower your technical skills working for the best search engine in the world. Apply Now! You’ll be working from home temporarily due to Covid-19 contingency plan. 


How to adopt a Customer Service mind-set

Being customer centric is not just solving problems for customers. It’s about creating a delightful experience that develops long-term rapport and loyalty. As brands operate accelerated digital transformation caused by the pandemic, at our e-recruitment agency we are seeing an increased emphasis on Remote Customer Service roles. Companies are offering more and more online client support, which requires excellent communications skills and love for social media, as many of these positions are via social chat. Actually, our job of the week is German-speaking Customer Advisor for a Social Media Marketplace based in Lisbon. We are in search of native German-speakers to provide quality Customer Support for a leading marketplace. Boost your digital skills and gain a privileged know-how working for the world-loved Social Network. Chase this opportunity and play your part at the marketplace of one of the most visited websites in the world. Work in Portugal for one of the most successful companies today!


So, how do you improve your Customer Service skills? At the beginning of your new job at Lisbon call center, you will attend intensive training sessions for all new employees to get an insight into customer relationship management. Focus on creating added value for customers, sometimes it can be to find a personalized solution for a complex problem, others it’s supplying a discount to reduce tension, or simply providing friendly and helpful service, always thinking long-term.


If you speak German and you love travelling, we have the perfect job for you: be part of Expedia! Work for one of the leading online tour operators worldwide, a brand that’s always striving to be the best in customer care and satisfaction. This is your chance to make a move to an international career with this German job in Portugal, within all the benefits that are included in this complete package. From Expedia Contact Center in Lisbon, you will help German travelers to easily research and experience their holidays or business trips wherever they may be. 


Collect and review customer feedback: case studies from clients help. You will have a better understanding of consumers’ needs and goals in your industry. As a result, you will know how to approach interactions and get positive outcomes.


Soft skills matter

At our recruitment agency, we notice that employers are shifting their mindset when it comes to hiring and identifying relevant soft skills. Companies need employees with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Empathy is the keyword to success at many of our new Customer Support roles. Our partners are also in search of effective team players. If you are always ready to give a hand and reach out to your colleagues, you can find your next job today. Share your experiences, respect others and open your mind to learn from your co-workers. If you are adventurous and digital, we want to hear from you. Send your CV and we will do the rest. 


Are you well-organized and looking to start a career in finance? Great! We are in search of native French-speakers to join a brokerage project and provide quality Customer Support from Lisbon Contact Center. Empower your technical skills while gaining a privileged know-how of the digital stock market with this Job Offer! Apply now and work as an Email Advisor with French for a leading online bank.  Focusing on simplicity, efficiency, security and low costs, this French firm was ranked the least expensive bank for the eleventh year in a row. They provide banking and investment products in an innovative way to more than 1.7 million customers. Play your part in a talented Customer Care team, working for an international brand that last year was considered the best in Customer Relations in the banking sector. This is a great Customer Service position with lots of room to express brand quality, engage audiences and feed a creative hub focused on Customer Care.

Make the most of our job opportunities in the new year! Whether you are looking for a new job or a career move, follow up our tips for upskilling in 2021. No matter what position you’re, there’s always a need for picking up new skills. It’s important to anticipate how your job may change in the coming years. Instead, if you are a job seeker, make yourself more attractive to potential employers, especially in this new competitive job market. Upskilling is fun and rewarding! Learning new skills is a way of opening up new doors, even ones that you didn’t expect coming. Broaden your job opportunities with new skills.

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