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The importance of diversity in the Recruitment Processes

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The importance of diversity in the Recruitment Processes

The shift towards conscious inclusion

Attracting talent with diverse perspectives and language skills, building a nurturing and multicultural environment is having a profound impact on the workplace. Here ‘s why.


Moving to an inclusive culture 

What’s your company’s gender status? New regulations in Spain promote workplace equality between men and women. To combat the gender pay gap of 22% and guarantee gender equality in salary, treatment and opportunities in employment and occupation. 


Organizations are moving to conscious inclusion. As an e-recruitment agency, it’s our responsibility to foster a diverse corporate culture. We are happy to collaborate in the creation of inclusive working environments! Having a team of people who think differently from each other means more innovation in problem-solving.


A ▪ multicultural workplace ▪ believes in the power of diversity. We love to build-up global teams with motivated people from different backgrounds, nationalities, and opinions for gender-balanced organisations. The choices companies make today will impact on tomorrow gender equality. 


A diverse corporate culture is a win! It brings many benefits both for the company and for the employees. It opens new business ideas, brings innovative skills, while enhancing the employer’s reputation. 


Our clients are putting time and effort into developing inclusive recruitment practices, so that every candidate can bring a new perspective to the table. Organisations understand the value of having a diverse workforce and want to achieve diversity and inclusion. 


If you are thinking of working abroad in your native language in inclusive teams to grow personally and professionally, you are in the right place! We have many language job offers in Barcelona and true opportunities of relocation jobs in Lisbon with relocation package included for #cityjobbers coming from abroad. 


If you are in Europe…listen up! We are in search of German, Dutch, Flemish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English, French, Spanish and Italian speakers to join interesting projects around Europe, with relocation jobs in magical cities like Lisbon, Barcelona and Istanbul. 


Conscious inclusion is understanding and valuing different backgrounds and experiences and connecting with a diverse range of qualified candidates to achieve a diverse workforce. If you want to be part of this global team of #cityjobbers where everyone is respected, valued and can contribute, send us your CV. 

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