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Starting a new job can be stressful but with proper preparation by both the employee and company, mistakes and anxiety can be prevented. Read our tips and discover how to make this transition as easy as possible.
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The best way to start a new job

The best way to start your new job CITY-JOB-OFFERS (1) (1)

The best way to start a new job

Tips for both new hires and managers to have a smooth onboarding process


Congrats on getting hired! You made it past the hiring process, now what? Perhaps you are going through a career change or have existential questions about your future and you’ve decided to start a new job. 

Maybe you haven’t changed jobs in a while. Maybe you haven’t been employed for a certain period of time. Or maybe you’re starting your first job. 

Starting a new job, adapting to a new work environment, new systems and coworkers can make you feel anxious. So what is the best way to prevent this from affecting how you begin this new journey?


What is the best way to start a new job?


First things first, go easy on yourself. You’re bound to make mistakes and maybe face frustrations, but that’s what adjustment is all about. It’s important to make a good impression but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Don’t overwork yourself to impress your new company. 

But what else can you do to hit the ground running at your new job?

Ask questions

It’s ok to ask questions and it’s normal to feel a bit lost at first. Don’t be afraid to ask about schedules, the office routine, when people actually show up and if people eat out more or bring their own food and so on.

Asking questions can also allow you to strike up conversations with colleagues. Ask about their role and what they are working on.

Explore your surroundings

Arrive early on your first day, unless your new manager tells you otherwise, but this way you won’t have any delays in your commute. If you can work from home, you can use this time to make sure all your equipment works.

If you go to the office, make sure to learn where things are like the kitchen, bathrooms, restaurants nearby or just general things that will make life easier for you.

Show your eagerness 

Make sure you show your enthusiasm about your new job. Don’t go overboard but doing things such as introducing yourself to colleagues that you haven’t met yet or getting to know your team better will show your company that you are motivated and ready to form part of the organization.

Research the company 

Get to know your new company. Check their social media to get a better understanding of their office culture.

If you get invited to the office before you start, pay attention to the way employees dress, how people interact with each other, what languages they speak and the general vibe of the company.

Prepare yourself

If you will be working at the office, practice going on your commute to see how long it takes. Take this opportunity to test alternative routes or times to leave.

If you’re WFH, check to make sure your microphone, internet connection and computer are working to avoid problems when you start working.


Before your first day and during your first week, you should take extra care of yourself. Make sure that you’re sleeping well and doing things that calm you.

Meditation, yoga, eating well, trying breathing techniques, spending time outside or having positive thoughts are just some ways to take care of your mind, body and soul. This will reduce your stress and give you more energy to start your new job.

Get organized

Once you start, make sure to get things in order. This could be by organizing your new office or perhaps just documents in your Drive.

Your first week might include getting a load of docs or excels getting shared with you so making sure you know what they are or where things are will be helpful when you start.

And most importantly, RELAX

You wouldn’t have been hired, if the company didn’t think you could help them grow. So don’t worry, they already like and value you.

Also, your coworkers know what it’s like to be new and they’ll be supportive to make sure your transition is smooth.


How companies can help new employees


Employers must help new hires feel right at home right from day one. The transition for new employees has to be handled well and the onboarding process must be as smooth and solid as possible. 

According to a Robert Half study from 2018, 91% of new hires will consider leaving the job just within the first month. If employees don’t feel valued or comfortable from the get go, then you could lose them; which would be a big economic blow after the money spent in recruiting that candidate. 

With events such as ‘The Great Resignation’, employees want to feel important and work in good conditions. If companies want to retain workers, having a good start is the key to success. 

Don’t let people down on their first day: make sure that the job that was promised in the offer isn’t just a fantasy. Let employees know what they can expect from the role and define clear goals and responsibilities for them. 

Surprise them with a welcome package either before they start or on their first day, these details matter to show new hires that the company welcomes them and is excited about their arrival.

Also, give new hires a tour of the office so they know where things are and feel more comfortable. 

Be flexible with new hires, encourage them to take time off even if they have just started. Let them know that they don’t have to be stressed or overwork, this helps avoid a tense work environment. 

And don’t forget to be patient. The employee needs time to adapt and get used to the routine. You already know that they are the right choice and that’s why you hired them so give them the help they need to be at their full potential to complete their responsibilities. 

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