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Moving to Lisbon is a great opportunity for you and your career. The city has a lot to offer. It will allow you to live your best life while you save money, specially if you live in a affordable neighborhood
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Move to Lisbon and save money

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Move to Lisbon and save money

Do you want to move to an affordable area of Lisbon and take advantage of the low cost of living?


Despite the fact that the cost of living in Lisbon has increased in recent years, it is very affordable in comparison with most European citizens. There are really cool and affordable areas to live your best life as an expat. 


The cost of living in Lisbon 


Going out and not spending the dollar is still quite easy: 1 euro a cheap glass of wine, 50 cents for a coffee and 10 euros for a full meal in a Portuguese Tasca. Doesn’t it sound right?  However, you must bear in mind that it depends on the area and the bar. The fancier, the more expensive. 


Moving around with public transportation is quite affordable. If you get a monthly card, you will pay 30-40 euros. Going to places by bike or walking will reduce your living expenses when it comes to transportation. 


When it comes to rent, the cheapest apartment located can be 600 or 700 euros a month. However, it is more likely to pay around 1000 euros. If you want to reduce the cost in that area, you can share a flat. In that case the lowest you can expect is 200 a month and the regular price would be around 400 euros. 


Here you have some recommendations of areas to Live in Lisbon (or close by) which offer a good value for money.


Affordable and cool Lisbon neighborhoods  


 Student areas

 If you like the student atmosphere, Alameda o Arroios are well priced areas. Further away from the center and not so well connected by public transport, there is Graça. It is a very charming and peaceful middle-class area and it has the best miradouros (viewpoints) in the whole city. There are supermarkets nearby .


Penha de França

It is a very pleasant residential neighborhood. Most neighbors are old people, and it is silent and well connected to other parts of the city by bus. This laid-back area lies on the top of a hill. Affordable and delicious meals are not hard to find in traditional Tascas and Cervejarias.  



It is a very pleasant, clean and safe neighborhood. The area next to the river boasts ancient port warehouses turned into popular clubs. It is well connected by public transport, and it is full of boutiques, art galleries and fashionable restaurants. 



Santos is a very cool neighborhood. It is known as Lisbon’s design district. It hosts many art galleries and museums as well as a renowned design college (IADE). Nightlife is another attractive aspect of this district. At weekends, the area becomes full of students and partygoers. It also boasts a good selection of restaurants. 



Accessible with the metro yellow line, it is an affordable neighborhood that is not far away from the city center. It hosts interesting historical spots: a 18th century botanical garden and the Montastery of Sao Dinis.



It is a city on its own, but it’s just 10 minutes away from Lisbon by ferry. Located in the south riverbank of Tejo River, Almada has everything you need (cultural spaces, restaurants and monuments), but a cheaper price and a more relaxed atmosphere. Its main sightseeing spot is Santuário Nacional de Cristo Rei, an impressive viewpoint with outstanding views of the river. The City Museum and Casa da Cerca are also worth visiting. Moreover, this city lies in proximity with amazing beaches such as Costa da Caparica.



Less than an hour away by public transportation (or much less if you go by car), you find this ideal place to live. It boasts several historical palaces with great gardens: Marquis of Pombal Palace, Barcarena Gun Powder Factor as well as Caxias Royal Mayor. There are also great green areas such as Parque dos Poetas and Parque Anjos. It is an ideal place to live if you wish to live next to the sea. The quality of life is really high and there are great options when it comes to eating out.



This neighborhood boasts a much more relaxed atmosphere than the city center. It is a well-connected area by bus and tram, and it is near the touristy neighborhood of Belém. It is located in the top of a hill with an impressive palace. This district is mainly residential and there is one of the oldest and most impressive botanical gardens in Europe. 


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