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✅We have made a list of the 10 most controversial Job Interview questions to help you in your Interview preparation process? Respond it with self-confidence!
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How to face hard Job Interview questions?

The Job interview is usually the most disturbing step of the job search process, and if something should be sought, it is calm to face it in the most focused way possible. Check it out how to relax and overcome the anxiety that generates tense moments, such as a job interview:

To help you in your Job Interview preparation process, we have made a list of the 10 most controversial Job Interview questions that the Recruiter could ask you, and that it is advisable to have prepared, to respond with self-confidence and determination.

  1. Why did you leave your previous job?, or, do you currently work? Why would you leave your current job?With this response, it reinforces why do you want to work in the Company. Express clearly your intention to assume challenges that motivates you and how do you think the Company can give you a good opportunity to achieve them.
  2. What activates your motivation?This question is directly related to your work ethic, your personal vision and your goals. Never link topics such as money or prestige to it.
  3. What makes you different from other Candidates?Secure your strengths and your achievements with security, be honest and humble, but do not forget that it is your time to sell yourself. It is your moment to demonstrate why you are the best signing for that position and for that Company.
  4. Do you accept criticism? How do you handle it?Answering with an example is always a good option, since you demonstrate through the normality of telling it, how do you react to it. This gives truth to the answer.
  5. How do you feel when receiving orders from a Supervisor?This question aims to extract information about how are you  working as a team and your ability to follow guidelines. An explicit way that allows you to prove it, is giving an example that speaks for itself.
  6. Mention a mistake you made, where one of your weaknesses was noticed and how you passed it.Avoid falling into very personal issues, you must show your professional version. Use examples that link the question with your work life. Answering with honesty is what will give truth to your answer.
  7. What aspects do not attract you from this job?No job is perfect, so to say that you like everything, is not a good option, as much as saying that something you do not like before starting a new Company.The answer to this question must be neutral, go for the sure thing, that is to say, even though at the moment you do not see anything that does not attract you, it is possible that you will find it later.Explaining it naturally and making it clear that it is normal and that it does not represent a problem for your performance, it is the best option.
  8. Are you currently participating in other selection processes?All interviewers know that if a person is doing an Interview, it is because He/She is actively looking for a job, so do not be afraid to say it is true.If so, comment that you have been attended other Interviews and the status in which you are. Being sued by other Companies, makes your profile more interesting.
  9. In what salary range do you find yourself (If you are currently working) or do you expect to be (If you are unemployed)?Investigate before the Interview, what is the market average.It is not necessary to specify an specific figure. The best option is to say a range between a minimum and a maximum, where the minimum is what you really are expecting.
  10. Would you like to ask a question?Never respond with a “No”, this shows disinterest and apathy.Prepare in advance, any questions related to the position, Company, team, etc., that highlight your interest and the previous research you have prepared about the Company.

                                 Defer with a positive attitude!

Delight the Interviewer with your passion for your profession and your interest in the Company, the footprint you leave, will makes that, if they do not choose you for that vacancy, think of you when there is another one, and maybe it is then, when they give you the opportunity.

All the selection processes leave something positive. Even if you are not the person chosen, everything contributes to achieving the goal for which you have worked so hard: “Finding a job”.

Always remember that your talent and professional experience exist, and are still there, with you. You know in advance that when you face a selection process, there is the possibility of not being elected, but remember also, that if you are not in that opportunity, you will be in another one, Remember it!

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Marycel Mercado

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