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A potential employer wants to know what you can bring to their company, so it’s important to be able to share your achievements. So what’s the best way to do this without seeming arrogant?
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How to explain your value to a potential employer in a job interview

5 ways to share your achievements in a job interview

How to explain your value to a potential employer in a job interview

How to prove to a potential employer that you can bring value to their company


In an interview, you have one chance to impress your future employer and convince them to hire you. To do this successfully, you have to present yourself as the best candidate for the job. 

Your potential employers will want to know what you can do for them. One of the best ways to answer this is by talking about your achievements, which show them how you have met goals in the past at your former positions. 

Showcase yourself as a potential asset for the company, here are six ways to do just that:


1. Take credit, but spread the love


Be honest about your achievements but also recognize the people that you worked with to succeed. If you share credit, it also shows that you don’t mind working with others to achieve a goal—something everyone looks for in an employee.

So instead of saying “I had a lot of help from my team” try saying something like, “We were able to accomplish this because of how hard each member of the team worked together.” That way you still get the credit but don’t come across as arrogant by saying it was all your doing alone.

By recognizing the people who helped contribute towards those successes as well. Not only does this show that you are humble but it also shows that others can trust you with their ideas or feedback.


2. Make it personal


When discussing an achievement, be sure to highlight how it impacted your own career growth or development as well as company success — not just what happened as a result of your actions. This shows that you aren’t just interested in climbing up


3. Talk about results


Be specific about what you accomplished and how it benefited the company or organization. Don’t just mention tasks or activities that led up to the results. Make your accomplishments come across as tangible evidence of what you can do for the company in question. 

If possible, quantify your results with numbers or percentages — for example, “Increased productivity by 15 percent” or “Decreased turnover rate by 50 percent.” Numbers give hiring managers something concrete to think about when considering candidates, so be sure to include them whenever possible.

Show where you’ve made a difference at previous jobs. Whether it’s increased revenue or decreased costs, talk about how your efforts have helped the company succeed over time. Mentioning specific results will help convince an employer that you’re worth hiring.


4. Discuss your challenges and how you overcame them


A potential employer will want to know that you will be able to make it past any inevitable obstacles. They want to know if they can count on you as an employee.

Show that you’re motivated by challenges. To show that this is true, discuss challenges that you have overcome in the past and what motivated you to do so. Also mention any goals that are still challenging but not impossible for you to reach.

Give examples or explain how your skills kept you focused and able to complete your objectives.


5. Make sure your achievements are relevant to the job


The accomplishments that you share in a job interview should align with the job descriptions and the company’s goals or values. This will make it easier to convey what makes you capable of doing this particular job well. 

The last thing you want to do is tell a hiring manager about an accomplishment that doesn’t matter to them or their company at all! 

You should always have at least one or two examples of accomplishments that relate directly to the position for which you’re interviewing. If there are several positions available, be prepared with a few different achievements for each.

You can also talk about how others benefited from your work ethic and dedication when faced with challenges. This shows that not only do you accept responsibility but also that you’re willing to go above and beyond when necessary. These are two qualities all employers look for and are relevant for any job.


6. Know your audience


The person interviewing you has been in your position before so they know how hard it can be to come up with good examples of accomplishments during an interview. 

Try not to stress too much about this part of the process because everyone has had some sort of success in their lives that they can talk about during an interview. Just stay positive and mention relevant experiences to show that you’re the best choice for the role.


Job interviews are a two-way street. You’re there to sell your skills and experience, but the employer is also trying to find out if you’re a good fit for their organization. Share your accomplishments right and you will most likely be hearing back very soon from the recruiter, getting one step closer to your next job!


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