Have a safe relocation to Lisbon - City Job Offers
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Have a safe relocation to Lisbon

Have a safe relocation to Lisbon

Have a safe relocation to Lisbon

Make a safe career journey to Portugal

Thinking about working in Lisbon? If you want to go to Lisbon with a relocation job, you are just one click away from getting started. Read on to pack your bags and say hi to your new life with one click. We have new jobs in Portugal! As an e-recruitment agency specialized in Lisbon job offers, we care about the health and safety of our international candidates. Anti-Covid19 procedures have been reinforced to take care of you. Here are the key measures implemented for your relocation trip and your future Clean Certificate office in Lisbon. Health insurance is included? Of course! In this new blog post about jobs in Portugal for Germans we put together everything you need to know for making a safe career journey to Portugal. Have a safe relocation to Lisbon with this step by step guide. 


Before living Germany

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, foreign candidates arriving in Portugal from Germany and Austria must provide evidence of a negative PCR test (taken max. 72 hours before departure) that is requested by the airline before departure. To avoid delays at the airport, make sure that the negative result shows clearly ´PCR ´as the type of test


When arriving by air, travelers must also fill out an electronic travel registration (Passenger Locator Card) that you can find at the following link

https://portugalcleanandsafe.pt/en/zügeger-locator-card. Don’t worry, once you got your job in Portugal your future employer will provide you a local address to fill the form. If you have any doubts or need help with your travel documentation, follow this link to more useful information. To follow the situation in Portugal head over this link. 


Upon arrival: free Covid-19 rapid test 

As soon as you land in Lisbon, a Welcome Support Team will be waiting for you. They bring International Candidates to a modern office of your future work in Lisbon to collect the equipment for the home office (PC and accessories) and to carry out a free Covid-19 rapid test by a doctor. 


In order to guarantee the safety of all employees in all Portugal branches as well as in Lisbon company apartments, every international newcomer is tested for Covid-19. The test is carried out by a doctor with a small blood sample (a tiny prick on the finger). If the test is negative, you move directly into your company apartment. If the test is positive, the employee is taken to a separate company apartment, where he must spend a 14-day quarantine. Please note that positive cases have been rare, however, in that situation, the Welcome Support Team will explain all relevant aspects to the employee, such as online ordering of food. If necessary, medical support will of course also be arranged. After 14 days, the employee is allowed to enter Lisbon offices and standard company apartment to relocate.


As we like to ensure the best Work and Travel Lissabon experience, the Covid-19 test is essential. It serves to protect existing employees and newcomers. Even if it is mandatory for entering our branches or standard company apartment, every future employee also has the right to refuse the test or to go to the “quarantine apartment”. If that happens, the employee would have to organize private accommodation at own expense to spend the mandatory quarantine. In addition, he could not enter a teleperformance floor for these 2 weeks.


Join a Covid-free office

We are pleased to announce that our big partner in Lisbon is the first company in Digital Integrated Business Services to receive the COVID Clean certificate from the international institute EIC / VERYCER for their eleven office buildings in Portugal. 

As part of this certification, the global leader in customer experience management has implemented several measures to contain and combat the Covid-19 virus spread that were evaluated by an independent body. After the external auditory, the company received the COVID Clean Certificate, that offers additional security for the entire community and our international candidates.


The certificate highlights several points like:

– Top Management Leadership to define a clear and actionable plan, ensuring continuous communication with all employees

– Vision: Timely creation of solutions such as the TP Cloud Campus, in order to be able to switch quickly to the home office and to ensure business continuity

– Stability and retention of employees

– Responsiveness and investment for the implementation of an emergency plan


Health insurance

When you sign the employment contract, you are automatically covered by social and pension insurance in Portugal. With this basic insurance you have access to the Portuguese public health system. From the time you sign your employment contract, you also have the attractive option of free private health insurance, which is currently offered by Allianz.


To avoid unnecessary journeys, since February 2021 you can make online appointments with a company doctor for consultations. This option is also available during the training. If you have any health concerns or emergency at the office, you can visit the company doctor immediately. In case that you feel sick or have been in contact with someone who feels sick, contact the company helpline. Alternatively, you can call the official Portuguese emergency number.


Browse our new vacancies clicking Lisbon Jobs German or just Send your CV and we will look for the perfect match. We just partners with employers that tirelessly continue to work to ensure that all our foreign candidates are and feel safe at work in Lisbon! In fact, we have new jobs in Portugal for Germans in Marketing and Sales. If you are able to start working for the project in March, this is your job opportunity. Apply now and start working for the best search engine in the world. Discover more about living in Lisbon here. 


We continue to place international candidates and to recruit exceptional talents like you. Our mission is to offer you the job of your dreams. We are ready to virtually assist you in this journey to your Lisbon work.

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