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Find the job you want in 2021

new year new goals

Find the job you want in 2021

Get everything you want from your next job

New year, New goals. If your work resolution for the new year is to find a job in Portugal in your native language, read on! Feel better in 2021 and gain quality of life with our jobs in Portugal for German-speakers. We also do have new jobs in Portugal for Dutchs and opportunities to work in lisbon for French-speakers. If you are looking for a career change in 2021, here is everything you need to know. 


Ready to find the job of your dreams?

Decide what kind of job you actually want, then say no to everything that is not on that path. The new year is a great time to look for a new job and start a new chapter in your life. After Christmas Holidays -while everyone else is off in the online gym or on the coach-  it’s the perfect time for starting out on an adventure, such as a new job. We have great news coming from our partners: It’s not just you who’s looking for a fresh start at the beginning of the year. Big companies and start-ups are also in search of new teams and candidates to work for 2021 projects. In fact, at our e-recruitment agency -we specialized in placing international candidates- we need German, French and Dutch speakers with experience in troubleshooting. Work as an email and chat Technical Customer Advisor. If you like helping others, you will enjoy assisting users via email, chat, social media and voice with pre-sales, general inquiries, and technical support issues. Send your CV!


Have you thought about living and working in Lisbon? We are looking for energetic #cityjobbers to join multicultural teams and work for Lisbon call center. If you are a team-player with a “get it done” mind-set and you’re capable of bringing a positive outlook and encouraging a successful environment at the workplace, we want to hear from you. We have new job offers at our e-recruitment agency based in Lisbon. 


For example, if you have native level German and you are crazy about traveling, this is the job of the week: Customer Service Job. Work for Expedia with this Full-time position based in Lisbon. We are in search of adventurous German-speakers to work for the leading online tour operators worldwide! From Expedia Contact Center in Lisbon, you will help travelers to easily research and experience their holidays or business trips wherever they may be. Apply here with one click.


If you are more into Sales, this can be your next role: Google Ads Agency Builder based in Lisbon. Are you passionate about the web and love to share your knowledge of new technologies? If you are technically gifted and you have commercial experience, this is the ideal job offer for you. We are in search of German-speakers based in Lisbon to work for the best Search Engine in the world. Apply now and enter the online market, working for the leader in digital ads in your native language. 


Pros of working and living in Portugal

Portugal is a safe, expat-friendly country with spectacular weather and charming people. Working in Lisbon you are even very close to the beach and riverside spots to relax after-office. But which are the best places to live and work in Portugal? The truth is: depending on your preferences. Portugal has really nice cities to experience. Select your lifestyle, think about your needs and decide between popular destinations such as Porto, Lisbon or Braga.


Portugal is an increasingly popular country with expats from all over the European Union. We’ve put together the reasons why. This preference of people from Germany, Netherlands and France is based on a set of really attractive factors such as cost of living, healthcare, weather. The list also highlights sustainability and natural spaces. That’s why Portugal is among the best places to live and work in the world.

Lisbon is a very diverse city, great for expats, with a thriving LGBT+ community. The Portuguese capital has it all and is a great choice for anybody wanting the buzz of a capital city, while also having a beautiful historic heart and nearby beaches, always keeping a chill-out atmosphere that you will also feel at the workplace. It’s the right work and travel destination if you want a job in Tech. We are in search of French-speakers to work for the best Search Engine in the world. Do you like interacting with people remotely and you have experience in Technical troubleshooting? If your answer is ‘yes’, catch this Technical Support Job in Lisbon! We are in search of native French-speakers to provide quality Customer Service. 

Most of our positions are offering temporary remote work due to Covid-19 contingency plan. With the increase in telework due to the pandemic, Lisbon is filled with co-working hubs and has good internet connection. Actually, Lisbon was in first place in Nomad List’s best places to live and work in 2020. We also do have positions for native Dutch speakers to join our call center Lisbon. Follow these job search ideas to help you get everything you want from your next job.

Find your dream job  in 2021

If you have little tolerance for cold weather, you have the chance to prioritise somewhere warm. From a work perspective and career progression, Lisbon is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. We hope our new blog post helps you to meet this country with a fantastic quality of life. Portugal is among ‘greenest’ to live in: it’s at the forefront of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world to work. And it’s affordable. Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in Western Europe. Accommodation, in particular, in central Lisbon can be pricey, but you will have it included in your package of relocation benefits (shared flat especially re-designed with sanitary measures and anti-Covid-19 practices). Please note that international candidates coming from abroad should do the Covid-19 tests before landing in Portugal.

Last but not least, Lisbon is so wakable. You will have little need to use public transport because Lisbon it’s a compact city. And if I don’t feel like walking, ride your bike or take the metro (is really easy). Everything you could possibly want to do is within a twenty minute walk. The food is amazing. Local Portuguese plates are delicious, and there are good international restaurants that go from Italian to Japanese or Argentinian. 

Don’t worry if you don’t speak Portuguese. English is widely spoken in Portugal and you can always apply to a job offer with language courses included in your package of benefits. If you know three portuguese words, you can take Portuguese lessons at work. You will find it easy to make friends with locals that appreciate the opportunity to practice their English while teaching some Portuguese and showing you their fav places in town. 

We’ve put together a detailed list of things every international candidate dreams of and wants from a potential home abroad. We are sure that Lisbon got you covered. We love you Portugal! What better time than now to meet your goal? A new year is a beginning, so these days new plans, new expectations and new directions may naturally fuel your thoughts and your soul. Go for them!

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