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Greater than ever: Barcelona and Lisbon big comeback

living in Lisbon and Barcelona

Greater than ever: Barcelona and Lisbon big comeback

The most famous cities in Europe look different now. Without tourists dominating the landscape, local residents are enjoying their native cities free of crowds. Even the air is cleaner. Yes, of course, most visited cities are also top places to work and live in. Open up to the excitement and diversity of Lisbon and Barcelona with our job offers! Today, on our new blog post, we discover why Lisbon and Barcelona are Top Cities in the world to live in and visit in 2021! 


Why Lisbon and Barcelona are Top Cities to work and travel now

Popular travel destination’s sights like the Sagrada Familia or the Tower of Belem would normally be packed all year round, but not in 2021. International candidates willing to work overseas, this is the best moment to enjoy City Job Offers relocation packages in amazing locations around Europe. Go to our job board and find your opportunity to work in Barcelona, Lisbon, Málaga, Istanbul and Andorra. While cities lost some of its glitter to foreign travellers, urban destinations are more attractive than ever to its own residents. The best part of getting a relocation job in Lisbon or Barcelona is that you can explore your new city like a tourist but without a rush: you are a #cityjobber working abroad in your native language, happy to stay more than a season overseas! And there is even more: due to the pandemic, many passionate travellers consider staying at home this year so you can enjoy your new destination without massive publics. Immerse yourselves in the culture, traditions, and language of your new place on Earth.


Barcelona just for you

Barcelona went from over tourism to no tourism. The coronavirus pandemic is keeping travellers away, so it’s the perfect moment for residents to enjoy their amazing Catalan capital. Local optimism is in the air. It’s a time of fresh starts. This is a good moment to look for jobs in Spain for Germans.


As National Geographic recently published, in the last years, nearly 30 million tourists annually have descended on Barcelona to savour its sites, sea, and local culture. A large number of them (3.2 million in 2019) were day-trippers who arrived by cruise ship to Barcelona port, the largest in the Mediterranean. Today, Barcelona’s highlights and attractions are mainly for its 1.6 million inhabitants. So, what’s Barcelona like these days? The sun is still shining and illuminating Barcelona’s medieval alleyways. Parks and squares are not full. Thanks to its favourable climate and long summer, residents spend a lot of time in the street and at the beach. The Coronavirus context has created a sense of community with local people helping each other in any way they can. The people of Barcelona have a reputation for resilience in the face of adversity. 


You will hear people speaking Catalan and Spanish, as well as German, Dutch, Italian and French still: they are living in Barcelona. And you will hear all the many languages of this multicultural city where you can easily find a job in your mother tongue at our e-recruitment agency. In fact, if you speak German, we have new job offers for you in Customer Service and Sales for German-speakers in Barcelona. See all jobs in Barcelona for Germans here. We are specialists in finding jobs in Spain for Germans: send us your CV and we will do the rest. 


Start working in Lisbon with a super signing bonus 

Instead, if your dream city is Lisbon we have great job news for you: at our e-recruitment agency, we have new jobs in Portugal to work for Google Ads in your native language with a signing bonus of €2.000. We are in search of German-speakers to fill the following new positions: Sales & Marketing and Agency Builder. 


Interested in jobs in Lisbon? The portuguese capital is a great place to work and to live: it’s a cosmopolitan and sustainable city, rich in culture, history and diversity with new job opportunities in your native language. Take your career to the stars with this Customer Care job! Here is everything you need to know to make a safe career journey to Portugal with anti-Covid-19 measures. 


How is the situation today in Lisbon? Spring is coming while the Minister announced that there are good reasons to face the future with more confidence. The arrival of the summers goes together with a slow and gradual de-escalation of Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions, always taking into consideration the indicators and terms of incidence for a permanent control of the health situation. 


Get a job in Portugal or a job in Spain and make the most of your international experience while you work in Lisbon or work in Barcelona in your native language! Browse our latest job offers in Barcelona and Lisbon and make your dream job real. 

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