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Checklist: everything you need for a successful remote interview

Checklist: remote interview

Checklist: everything you need for a successful remote interview

3 tips to be at your best in front of your webcam

Do you have a remote job interview? Great! Make sure that you’re well-prepared for it. That your video call goes as well as possible. Follow these 3 steps to get there: at your best in front of your webcam, ready for a successful job interview. Get familiar with video job interviews with our new blog post. To help you with your next remote job interview, we’ve put together some tips you can implement to boost your video call. Get ready to browse our job offers and quickly get the best fit for you on a virtual interview. 

  1. Set up your interview space

If you are a jobseeker and you are job hunting, in this pandemic context, at some point of your job search you might have a remote job interview. These Coronavirus days, most international candidates that are successfully selected are facing a remote job interview.  When you can’t meet face-to-face with your recruiter, video call interviews are a good way to e-meet a potential #cityjobber. While in-person meetings aren’t possible, video job interviews let you to visually interact with the future employer. Applicants, recruiters and companies can talk regardless of their location. This point is even more essential if you are in Germany applying for a relocation job in Lisbon! But notice that your face isn’t the only thing your interviewer will see during a video job interview. Your background matters. It can tell a lot about you. Be aware, this can be both good and bad. Take time to set up a professional interview space for a video job call. 


Look for the right place. Start by proper lighting. The room should not be too dark, it can look dreary. Don’t abuse direct sunlight: it can create shadows and blow out your profile. The best is to add lights. The decoration of your office space sends messages to the recruiter. However, your home office doesn’t need to be devoid of items: your personal stuff will add some character to the interview process. Choose your spot wisely, and if you don’t want your next employer to see something, just keep it out of the camera’s view. Take care of the little things. Keep the backdrop clean and minimal. Use high-quality equipment. Of course, technical aspects of video conferencing are a must to drive a promising conversation. Eliminate distractions. Private spaces are ideal because you have more control over them.


   2. Plan ahead

When the company offers you a video conference interview, ask if you need to prepare anything specific. Understanding their expectations will help you meet them when the big video call comes around. Like any job interview, to ensure an excellent video call it is essential to think ahead. Plan what you will say. When applying for a job, study your future tasks and responsibilities. Read about your e-recruitment agency or your employer. It’s always good to know the company’s goals. Find out about the firm that has contacted you and the person with whom you will have the Interview. Get as much information as you can (also on Social media)  about culture, mission, vision, values, objectives, team work, location. 


Test your equipment before the call. Potential employers should let candidates know what platform they are using and if you need to download any software, create an account, or anything else to use it. Learn more about the remote meeting platform chosen by the interviewer. It’s much better if you are sent this information days ahead of time instead of figuring it out at the last minute.This will give you an opportunity to troubleshoot any difficulties with your video conferencing platform or equipment. Confirm the time and clarify the timezone too if you are applying for a global company.  Ensure that you’re on the same page when it comes to the time you’re having the video interview.


Think about your outfit, it communicates a lot. Get everything you need to dress appropriately, from head to toe! Match your appearance with your industry or your business. Dress for the occasion even if this time you don’t have to commute to your job interview. Check background noise. Let know in advance to others at home that you will be having an important video call interview. Make sure that you won’t be disturbed. 

   3. Practice until you get comfortable in front of the webcam

Focus on your body language, it’s much more difficult for the interviewer to catch this no-verbal information on a video call. Train to keep a positive body language on screen. Don’t forget to look at the camera occasionally to establish eye contact. Be careful not to interrupt interviewers as they speak. Take an extra pause to ensure the recruiter finished the question before stepping in to reply. Listen carefully. Speak clearly and loudly at all times. Avoid talking too fast. Don’t allow your eyes to wander. It can be difficult to connect with a person who is away from you, at the other side of a computer. Smile. Turn on your charm! As it happens with in-person interviews: show an impressive balance between your professional experience and your charming character. It’s all about developing your personal branding. Do your best to keep the hiring manager engaged in your conversation.

Now that you are well-prepared for your next video interview, send your CV and we will do the rest! We take a daily look into our partner’s job offers to find the best employer for you. And of course, we’ll guide you through the whole selection process, to help you with the job interviews. In the meantime, while we work to find the perfect opportunity for you, we are happy that you learned how to succeed when you are offered a job video interview.

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