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▷Here you have “to do list” of the tips that can help you to face the “Interview phase”, during the Recruitment process✍
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Best tips to face an interview successfully

Once you focus on the plan you will follow in your job search process, and you get the attention of the Companies that you apply with your Résumé, there begin a decisive phase, the most important and determining step in the Job search: The interview.

Take a look at 6 types of job interviews a Candidate should knows:

To face it with the necessary calm and tranquility, so that the whole process flows more assertively, it helps and motivates you to follow an order of action that allows you to trace a path, and what is better to do, than to follow the next list of tips.

Let’s make a “to do list” of the tips that can help you to face the “Interview phase”, during the Recruitment process:

  1. Find out about the Company that has contacted you and with whom you will have the Interview. Get as much information as you can, about culture, mission, vision, values, objectives, Team work, location, etc
  2. Search and analyze the profile of the Interviewer/Recruiter in their social networks. This generates a sense of tranquility, since you can put yourself in context of what the face of the person is like, the way of expressing her/himself, the human part of that person on which, a big part of your goal depends for.Do not forget that He/She is a person just like you, do not overestimate, that will bring more normalcy to your performance during the interview.
  3. Prepare a speech where you include your knowledge about the Company, about the Interviewer/Recruiter, and about all the relevant data you have been obtaining in your research, including information that will help you to “break the ice”, in the situations that warrant it, or give examples about what you want to explain, linking them with the Company you want to be in.
  4. Prepare your outfit with enough time. You are never wrong when you choosing it, having in clear a basic rule: The protagonist in the Interview: It is you, not your clothes or accessories.Choose a simple outfit, colors such as blue, which generate unconsciously confidence in the Interviewer, because of how colors and other factors affect our decision-making.
  5. Arrive on time!, it is recommended about 10 minutes before the agreed time. Comply, this small gesture, is an important part in the last decision of the selection of the appropriate Candidate. This talks about how important that appointment is for you, and how responsible you are with your purposes.
  6. Once you see the Interviewer/Recruiter, meet and greet with firmness and moderate sympathy, excess are not good, the balance in everything we do and say, is a valuable key.
  7. Take a seat where the Interviewer/Recruiter indicates you, make yourself comfortable and show your best version, natural and without forcing yourself to say or do anything that goes against to feeling good.

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