After the lockdown... It's time to move abroad! - City Job Offers
Moving abroad is a great opportunity for your career and personal life and now is the best time to do it. Read more to discover how it can improve your life and can be a great asset for your future.
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After the lockdown… It’s time to move abroad!


After the lockdown… It’s time to move abroad!

9 reasons to move abroad now

After such a long time locked indoors and not being able to travel, there is nothing more appealing than moving abroad.

Now it is the best time to move and start living your expat experience abroad.

Summer is here

Move now and take full advantage of what cities have to offer in Summer time. It is the high season for festivals and a great time to enjoy the beach, get to know people and do some sightseeing. People have more time and the cities are buzzing with activity. Therefore, it is the best time to start your new live

Get better job opportunities and increase your salary

Globalization has created a global market of qualified workers. Therefore, there is a great need for workers in many international companies. Moreover, according to Expat Network, expats earn 25% more money in the new country than in the home country. This can be even more beneficial if you work in a city with a low cost of living.

Improve your resume

An international work experience and new language skills are the best boost for your resume. Living abroad gives you intercultural abilities and flexibility, which are a great asset to work in international environments. It can be what makes you stand from the crowd and get your dream job. Working in another country helps in your personal and professional growth, which will be highly considered in the job market. Companies want resilient and independent workers.

Learn languages

While English is widely spread at least as a basic level in most European countries, learning the local language will give you an insight to the local culture. If you can start learning before the move, you will have a solid basis when you arrive and your learning process will be much faster. Take every possible interaction as an opportunity to sharpen your language skills, soon you will have a great command of the local language. It will be extremely useful for your social life as well as a great asset to your resume.

Starting from scratch 

Moving to a new place, it is starting from scratch. New country, new city, new flat, new friends, new culture, new job… It is a new opportunity to start from zero. It is exciting and it is a great opportunity to improve your life, but it comes with downsides: you need to figure it all out and fast. It can be overwhelming sometimes, but if you are willing to put in the effort, go out of your comfort zone and have patience, it is worth it and will give you an opportunity to improve yourself and create the best life for yourself.

Become a global citizen 

Moving abroad to work in a Top European City with an international atmosphere makes you an expat and will change your mindset forever. You have strong intercultural skills, international work experience and a global mindset that will maximise your opportunities in life and get the success you desire at a faster rate.

Boost your social skills and gain friends from all around the world

Starting in a new city is a great opportunity to make new friends. Whether you are extroverted or introverted, you will encounter new people at work, during weekends, etc. and have a bunch of friends faster than you think. To accelerate this process, say yes to colleagues, propose plans and accept any proposal directed to you, you will be busy getting to know the city and making long lasting connections with like-minded people. Taking part in events organized by expats will be the easiest way to make your first friends in the city. They have gone through the same process as you so they can give you insightful tips and understand what you are going through.

Travel more

Living in a new country is a great chance to explore the area and the city and countries nearby. Make the most out of your expat experience travelling on the weekends. Living in a Top European city with a great international airport such as Barcelona makes travelling to Paris, Rome, Florence, Lisbon… so much easier. Cheap and frequent flights, great connection to the airport, etc. everything you need to explore great European cities on the weekends.

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