3 tips for telecommuters seeking to be more efficient
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3 productivity tips to work from home

remote job 3 reasons

3 productivity tips to work from home

3 productivity tips to succeed in remote work

Going remote? March was life-changing for many. Across the globe, companies of all sizes and activities are asking their employees to switch to teleworking over concerns of COVID-19’s spread. Are you ready to polish your remote skills? Teleworkers distinguish themselves through productivity. 

We know that remote workers were increasingly common even before the Coronavirus lockdown. According to some recent studies, almost  40% of United States employees have telecommuted previously. Though you may have taken up remote work earlier, doing it every day is much more different. Make sure you are in shape to challenges that come with telework.

In this context, #CityJobbers, online courses for remote skills are the future! And remote positions as well. In fact, our job of the week is a remote role for Dutch and German Customer Advisors based in lisbon. Take this opportunity to improve your digital experience. Here are some tips you can implement to increase in telework productivity: whether you’re temporarily telecommuting or aspire to be a Senior telecommuter, we’ve got you covered on how to work from home with great results. 

Set up your “headquarters” 

Even if there has been a massive rise in telecommuting over the last decade, maybe you did not try it before this lockdown. So start by making yourself an office area. Create this spot following your style and be sure it’s bright (natural light is a must) and comfortable. Organize your workplace for ergonomics and productivity. The position of the monitor matters. A warmer environment can be very positive for productivity. Plants too! Color psychology is another fascinating field of study.  Your place to work from home should not be in your bedroom which your brain naturally associates with resting and relaxation. 

Consider different telecommuting tools (some of them are getting popular these days), check with your colleagues which are they using and choose the one for your team. You can also get a system to manage your workflow, since there’s been a rise in telecommuting, loads of programs have been developed. Without the framework of a traditional office, your agenda will be everything. Set priorities. 

Block out large periods of time for work 

Yes, it’s true, one of the best things of working from home is to enjoy a more flexible time schedule. You can take small breaks as if you were at the office, from making a coffee to walking to the kitchen to turn on the dishwasher, but please definitely do not do the laundry during your working hours. Do not start cooking for tonight neither. Think of an imaginary wall to keep separated your domestic life from your home office. Set aside blocks of 3 hours and allow yourself 10 minutes breaks between them, that you can use to read an article. This will maximise your productivity together with arriving and leaving the computer in a certain working hour each day. Is essential to figure out a routine. A shorter and high-intensity work day is the clue for remote productivity.  

Demystify that working from home can get you unfocused. Immune to office distractions, we can get even more concentrated at home, with less meetings and less coffees with coworkers. It may be tempting to see what’s coming soon at Netflix, glance at social media platforms or check the news, but remote workers perfectly know that is better to finish your tasks before start playing. 

Stay healthy and in tune with your body 

Do not forget about yourself when you work from home. Stay connected to your energy levels. Even if you have a bad day at work, make sure that you still take breaks and have lunch. Choose something simple, yummy and full of properties, fast healthy food is a good answer. Equip yourself with fresh snacks and infusions as chamomile. 

Mindfulness helps to remote productivity.

You can apply its principles to feel more alive and present. Being aware and awake at work means to be consciously focus on what you are doing, managing your mental and emotional state. Start by making a clear decision at the beginning  of your workday to be present as you best can. Use short exercises to train your brain to be mindful and single-tasker. As you are at home, you can easily sit down, close your eyes and connect with your senses to clean yours thoughts. Do some breathing exercises.

Mindfulness rebalances your nervous system and the process helps to make reasoned decisions rather than automatically reactions. 

Take this chance to meditate every day. Usually, we do not have enough time to experience the benefits of mindfulness at the office on a daily basis. Today, you can inject many mindful moments into the routine to de-stress.

We are living events that can overwhelm the mind, mental hygiene is basic. Start by 20 minutes of meditation a day. 

Working from home you can squeeze in stretches more easily than in the office. At the end of your working day, you can roll out the yoga mat, transform your lounge into a crossfit room or follow a zumba online class. Fit in some exercise. 

Being a successful telecommuter requires a great mix of discipline, enthusiasm, freedom, flexibility and this productivity tips 🙂 Remember, time is money.

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